Sex in politics

To believe that there is no sex in politics is to think that the world is flat. Sex is in every corner of our society, from the staunch politicians who seek to stamp out prostitution right on down to the interns who work behind the scenes. There is no escaping the call of nature no matter who you are.

There have been some well publicized scandals of politicians who simply got caught literally with their pants down or there skirts up. The suggestion of sex scandals can also be used to insure your political opponent does not get in (office that is).  Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim is presently accused of just such a scandal and if convicted he could spend 20 years in jail for sodomy. Mr Anwar says this is just a plot to prevent him from seizing power. Real or not it did cause his arrest. Depending on how that one is viewed it could work for or against him.

Then most certainly there is the Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky scandal that left then president Bill Clinton in an awkward position. That one event put made the public see sex in politics in a whole new light where the presidents private and personal sex life was being publicly probed.

New York governor Eliot Spitzer spent $80000 on prostitutes and used them repeatedly on business trips. That incident cost him his job because of his seemingly opposite public position.

The list is seemingly endless, however in reality depending on where you are, sex in politics can have the punch of 190 proof grain alcohol or be as tame as spring water. It is a bit hypocritical to accuse a politician of having consenting sex and turn around and climb in bed with someone yourself for a romp in the hay. Once people come to terms with sex being natural and pleasurable with the right partner, it should no longer become an issue. Where sex scandals have no punch at all is where people don’t care about who politicians sleep with as long as they do a good job when they are on the clock. People don’t want the government poking around in their bedroom, just as the government does not want people poking around in theirs. That does leave people wondering why politicians leave sex laws on the books. The only answer possibly is that terrible phrase ‘politically correct’. Other than age of consent laws meant to protect the young, who people have sex with should be of nobody’s concern outside of family.

In countries where having a wife and other ladies on the side simply amounts to sexual bragging rights. Thailand is one such country, and trying to make something of it being a political scandal in Thailand, people may look at you kind of funny and ask you ‘And your point is?’ as seemingly everyone has someone on the side.

Sex in Thailand is part of the culture where in other countries primarily with a Muslim population, sex between consenting adults can be more problems that it is worth. Sex in the Philippines when there is a strong Catholic upbringing the culture sees sex as wrong out of wedlock, but that never stopped the people of the Philippines from answering the call of nature politicians included.

Nature made men naturally wanting sex all the time to insure men would be willing able and ready when the woman was at the time of the month that she could get pregnant. Simply looking for sex with another partner is natures calling and every man knows this. It is the women that understandably have a hard time with this because there sex drive is on a monthly cycle peeking during ovulation. On the other side of the coin women withhold sex as a form of personal political leverage, so there is sex in politics at every level.

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