The US Political sucker game called Iraq

When you look at the war in Iraq you have mixed views as an American. You see on one side political pressure to pull out by Americans who Don’t have a stomach for prolonged war. On the other side you see a more common sense approach not to leave until the job is done.

One should never forget that the enemy listens to the very public news on how the United States citizens feel about the war in Iraq. The also know that there may be a US pullout if the fighting is slowed, and will be a pullout if the fighting has stopped. The only group that has voluntary control over that is the enemy.

The US military is basing it’s recommendation to pull out on the strength of the Iraqis and if they can go solo. If the Iraqis can do it on their own, then there is no need for the USA to hang around. The Americans with weak stomachs are content to drive around with 3 lug nuts holding their tires on and not wait for the last 2 lug nuts to be put on. Apparently there is some not my country, not my problem thinking tied to this.

No matter how you look at it the USA must take the responsibility and see what they started to the end good or bad. As mentioned in a previous post like a parent you must take the responsibility for your child until they are old enough to support themselves. The democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has made that connection in comments with black Americans, but either deliberately or accidentally he is not making the same connection when it comes to Iraq.

So if the enemy does not understand how the game of sucker works, here is the simple concept. All you do is roll over and play dead until the Americans leave. Then while you are playing dead you strengthen your side. Once the Americans are gone you simply wake up, kick Iraq’s ass and claim your prize.

That will have the wonderful effect of making the politicians that lead the pullout look like fools for all the world to see. That will quickly shorten their political carrier as well as Take America down a few notches as their own arrogance consumes them and perhaps opens their eyes a little.

By simply connecting the dots, that is the reality of it all, good bad or indifferent. It is a big gamble to pull out early and as anyone who is familiar with casino gambling, the odds always favor the house. To assume the enemy will not use deception is a big mistake as deception is part of war. The American Generals know this, however not every politician does. So the question remains, is America up for a game of sucker or not? An American named P. T. Barnum once said “There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute“, now we shall see.

2 Responses to The US Political sucker game called Iraq

  1. Mike Hunt says:

    Interestingly enough Barrack Obama has started to make his statement on any Iraq pullout more vague. It should be interesting to see how this plays out.

    I think the next commodity to go crazy will be popcorn. With all the shows to watch around the globe, it’s going to be in short supply.


  2. Jack Dawson says:

    What exactly is “the end”?

    Complete decimation of a country by the crazed, war mongering, Neo-Con, war profiteers that run America, Britain and Israel? The same psychopathic maniacs that think everyone in the world thinks their idea of “democracy” is the way every country should work?

    Has the opinions of the ordinary Iraqi citizens ever occurred to you? Or do they have “weak stomachs” too? Perhaps they, like others in the world are “sick to their stomachs” of having the fools in Washington determine what’s “best” for them….kind of like the 100,000 Iraqis that have been killed and the 2 million homeless, wounded and displaced Iraqis whose lives have been ruined by your American ideals of “democracy” and “freedom”.

    Or, were they all in on 9/11 as well?

    Is America gonna stick around and clean up the horrific mess they’ve made?

    Like building brand new schools, infrastructure, hospitals…you know…the little things. Kind of like how they did in say…..Viet Nam and Laos.
    Perhaps those juicy contracts will be awarded to….hmmm U.S. firms like say…..oh, of course Haliburtion comes to mind.
    The reality is this…..the fools in Washington know that they will never “capture” the real perpetrators behind 9/11.

    Knowing this, they have to take out their frustration by displaying their “military might” against those that can’t fight back…..and when they do, they are labelled by the PR propaganda machine, as insurgents, extremists or terrorists….why is that?

    For fighting against the occupation of their sovereign nation by an invading army?

    I have a great idea…America should keep the wonderful cotton floss meadows and lemon-aid streams idea of freedom and democracy right where it belongs…in America.

    The rest of the world doesn’t want it.