The Catholic Church and their lost flock

The ignorance of the dark and middle ages have long sense been replaced with modern science and the ability to see things as they are. This is proving to be the case in overriding blind faith in the church. Unfortunately the Catholic church has yet to discover this.

In the middle and dark ages when the Catholic church was very powerful, people had little choice but to listen or be chastised by the church. But today, the Catholic church has lost much of it’s influence because of the lack of common sense in their preaching. Compound that with the sexual misconduct of priests and you can see a real lack of touch the church has with reality.

In today’s modern world we have discovered that being gay, bisexual, or straight has nothing to do with cognitive selection. I personally was convinced of that many years ago when I heard about a study done on people who donated their body to science after they died. The group of 60 people were divided into 6 groups based on gender and sexual orientation of straight, bisexual or gay. The findings were consistent that in the brains of these people regardless of gender. Certain markers were present in high numbers if you were attracted to females. A lesser quantity of markers were present in people who were bisexual. There were few if any markers the people that were attracted to males. From memory this study was done around 1990. From that time to now educated people have become more tolerant of people who are openly gay, but not the Catholic church. They still have the same stance that it is a sin and elective behavior even in the face of absolute proof. To most people that reeks of ignorance and (here we go) being politically incorrect.

When it comes to the use of birth control the position of the church gets even more absurd. Very simply condoms protect in more ways than one. They reduce the chance of sexually transmitted diseases including the ever popular HIV virus. However the Catholic church has not moved from it’s stance that birth control is wrong including condoms. So once again the Church has shown arrogance, ignorance and that they are completely out of touch with reality further placing doubts in the minds of followers.

The Catholic position that priests should remain celibate is just one of those things that does not work. If people were able to just turn it off, then there were be little chance of having public sex offender lists. Sex is as natural as breathing but not in the eyes of the church. So the fallout of priest that are horny has already cost the Catholic church over $2,000,000,000.00 in legal settlements with many more to go.

So the Catholic church is in a bit of a problem, do they change to adapt to the realities of today’s society, or do they continue to look more and more obsolete, ignorant and out of touch. Neither one leaves a good taste in the mouth of the church but it is truly what faces the church. To change acknowledges the church was wrong. To not change will further alienate them from their followers.

I don’t think too may people will view change as wrong as there were absolutely zero rocket scientists around when they picked up their do it yourself religion package at the store way back then. This is nothing less than reinventing the wheel for the church. It is also interesting that so many problems with the church are tied to sex one way or another.

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