Price of oil news trends shift to no oil left

If you have been following the news when they start talking about the price of oil, you will notice that with each progressive news report there is more and more of a suggestion that there is no oil left. We pointed that out here long before the trend started in the news when we connected the dots for you. What was ‘Drill more’ has progressively shifted to ‘Find new sources of energy’.

In reality it appears there is an effort to ease the public into this new reality of Your life is about to change big time.’The other reason may be there is just too much mounting evidence to deny the facts. In any case the word is out and getting louder each day.

This will be a big reality check for politicians from around the world. In the USA, one presidential candidate politician has been behind ‘Drill more’ while the other has been behind ‘Find new sources of energy’. This certainly looks to be a significant consideration when the Americans get around to voting in November.

Next there is the consideration of panic and hoarding. That has not been too much the case as few have the facilities to store huge quantities of flammable liquid, much less secure it.

That leaves us with the reality that people will be acting very differently in the coming months particularly as the winter heating season get closer and refinery production shifts to heating products.

As we pointed out before people will need to make changes and waiting for their government to move is like trying to see how long you can hold a hot piece of metal before you drop it. The longer you wait, the more severe the burn. You simply need to take the incentive to make the changes yourself.

If you don’t have the money then you may want to consider a bank loan with the first payment being a few months out to give you time to make the transition to new technology.

Taking Xanax or other perception altering drugs will do nothing for you except make you procrastinate to beyond the point of no recovery. You need to suck it up and get it done and not close you eyes hoping it will all go away on it’s own, that simply will not happen.

Globally we are at the same type of transition point when we went from horse to car and from wood to oil or coal. The big difference is this one is going to hurt and hurt a lot because we have become so dependant on oil.

Pay attention to the trends or simply come back here and we will connect more dots for you to give you the best possible chance of being ahead of the pack. Posts about this and other important topics are what you will find here at Connecting the Dots.

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