Strange bedfellows by ‘The Book’

In a few days United States President George Bush will visit Thailand before heading to the Olympic games. In a clear sense of awkward politics, there no doubt will be some Photo opportunities with United States President George Bush shaking hands with Thailand’s Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej. From there the political spin goes into overdrive.

For anyone who was in tune on a daily basis to what was going on in Thailand during 2006 and the first nine months of 2007, it became very clear prior to September 2006, Thailand was moving away from democracy and towards a Thaksin Shinawatra dictatorship.

When the coup happened in September 2006, the United States and George Bush took up a position against the Thai Junta and added a few sanctions because that is what ‘The Book’ said to do.

By the time New Years day 2007 rolled around it was obvious that the Thai Junta was much more interested in a genuine democracy than Thaksin ever was. However because ‘The Book’ said a Junta is bad, the United States had to play the part by ‘The Book’ even though it was becoming clearer everyday that Thailand was moving towards a true democracy.

The Book’ also said that the ousted Thai Rak Thai Party (TRT) was good because they were democratically elected. However in Late May 2007 the ousted TRT Party was dissolved and 111 of it’s top members banned from politics until June 2012. In short the Thai courts found the TRT to be bad despite ‘The Book’ saying they were good. Although the court was essentially a tribunal, all of the tribunal judges had more than one audience with the King of Thailand about this matter seeking his guidance and wisdom. Seeing that Thailand is actually “The Kingdom of Thailand”, the King’s wisdom and guidance carries great weight as history has shown the King truly wants what is best for the Thai people and Thailand, despite those who may feel otherwise for whatever reason.

In August 2007 a new Constitution was voted on in a democratic way despite several people associated with the now dissolved TRT trying to buy votes to shoot it down. Looking at the polling result map it shows clearly where vote buying was going on. It is no coincident that a disproportionate  ‘no’ vote came from Isaan where Thaksin has his voter base. However the New constitution was approved by the people and the King signed the document making it the new law of the land.

From there new elections where scheduled and the TRT people managed to get voted back in the drivers seat with a new name called The People Power Party (PPP).

From there the PPP demonstrated that they were no better than the TRT and their goal is set to get Thaksin off the hook and back in power. To do this the PPP was breaking several laws along the way, bringing Thailand to a near war crisis level with Cambodia, all while driving a wedge to divide the people of Thailand. ‘The Book’ says the PPP are the good guys despite what is going on says the opposite.

The Book’ now will bring The Republican President of United States together with what people can clearly see is a government that looks to destroy democracy by tampering with the Constitution for it’s own benefit, and not for the benefit of the Thai people.  Needless to say this will not go down well for the Republican party on election day in November. However the PPP will take this ball and run with it for all to see.

It is amazing how wonderfully blind ‘The Book’ can make people. From time to time mankind advances by thinking outside of the box, this is not one of those times.

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