Once Chinese always Chinese

A simple four word phrase sums up a lot about China’s position that seems to be the hotspot for several global issues. As China does not want to make the Olympic games political, that position and the path the Olympic torch has taken so far makes that tough to do.

China no doubt has spent more effort on squelching the protests associated with the Olympic torch and Tibet than it has resolving the problem. The simple fact is China does not let go of what it sees as belonging to China. That list includes everything from real estate to people. Tibet is just part of it as Taiwan also falls into the same Category.

It is this that non negotiable arrogant position that is the source of friction. China has demonstrated that it does want to dominate the world and that it is relentless in it’s march in that direction. Undercutting markets to get market share by working at a loss to put competition out of business. This is all meant to expand China’s influence on the world.

China is already the most populous country on the planet, and it does not even want to let go of it’s people. If someone was born in China as a Chinese National they are forever Chinese in the eyes of the Chinese government. Even if that person was naturalized as a citizen of another country, the rest of the world would recognize that new passport, where China would not. Even if someone of Chinese heritage was born in another country, it is very questionable if China would see that they are not Chinese.

So simply when it comes to dealing with China it is important to recognize this foundation. Chances are everyone will run into it at some point in their lives. If your job went to China, chances are it is there to stay.

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