Thaksin’s plans

There was some question if Thaksin would finally give up and go away after his wife was convicted of tax evasion. Several Bangkok newspapers even devoted a long commentary to this question as some level of common sense seemed to have been passed. However this is Thaksin and for him it is all about power and money.

One of the first dots to show what Thaksin’s intents are, is very obvious.

  • Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej says he wants a new party as soon as possible. This will become a life boat of sorts if the good ship People power party (PPP) is torpedoed and sinks. Unfortunately for Samak he will go down with the ship as he is a party executive and will be banned from politics for 5 years. Add to that Samak has a whole bunch of other legal problems that look to take him down. No matter how you cut it, Samak is gone as his dance with the devil comes to an end.
  • Thaksin has seen he does not yet control the courts as his wife has been convicted. Filing an appeal only delays the sound of that steel barred door slamming closed behind her. The key phrase here is ‘does not yet’, meaning Thaksin knows he must control the courts or he will go down too. So keep your eyes to the courts as he will redouble his efforts here and find a few more fools to deliver money.
  • Some new bills being proposed by the PPP have to deal with silencing street protests. This simply signals ‘We don’t plan to change’ and so far everything has been to support Thaksin’s efforts to get back on top. This move is seen as a way to control anti-government rallies by the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD). Seeing as the PAD has and looks again to be a significant factor in Thaksin’s problems, very clearly they must go in Thaksin’s eyes.

Seeing as all of these dots appeared on the screen after Thaksin’s wife’s conviction says that this is not old news and points that Thaksin has not given up. Very simply put, his ego won’t let that happen. However Thaksin is not stupid. As every good movie with a super criminal, there is a secret back door emergency exit. Sometimes that back door involves growing a beard and dressing up as a holistic Doctor to avoid a trial at the Hague. Seeing is growing a beard is out for Thaksin, it probably is something else.

So to summarize it appears Thaksin is here until he is put out of misery, that being in jail for the rest of his life or dead. For that to happen the Thais that wish to save their country from Thaksin must also redouble their efforts to see justice is served, as well as protect the provisions in the Constitution that control bad politicians by seeing that they remain untouched.

The need to look for clues as to what will happen next is important to do, but that is what Connecting the Dots is here to do if you don’t have time.

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