Terrorism Part 2

As people now want to lash out against terrorist, the concern about taking out innocent people in the process becomes more and more acceptable. There are certainly more than a few people who feel that if nuking and laying waste to an entire country will put an end the terrorists, then do it.

Certainly this is a strong feeling and countries who sponsor terrorists should sit up and take note that sooner or later politicians do what their constituencies want, or get voted out of office for someone who will do it.

America is a powerful country who does not have much of a stomach for seeing their own come home in body bags. That is why many of the weapons Americans use do not require people to be with them when they explode. They can be hundreds or thousands of miles away. Cruse missiles armed with conventional or nuclear warheads are available to use at a safe distance. Even the smart weapons that have pin point accuracy are all designed to save lives of the innocent.

However the thinking is getting to be in America ‘If they don’t care and are actually targeting the innocent, why should we care’. Using a nuclear bomb to get them all and even the ones thinking about it certainly seems to fit the bill. If they are simply allowing terrorism then they are just as bad. That represents the level of raw anger cause by terrorism more than a few have. The humanity side is slowly being over ridden by this raw primal anger. The justification is ‘Even the most skilled surgeon must cut away some healthy tissue to get all the infection.’

One of the things that drives this strong feeling is simply human instinct for survival. Any species that can not coexist with others or adapt to it’s environment simply becomes extinct one way or another as we have seen time and time again. As humans we have the ability to make predators the prey, and the terrorist are most certainly predators. To kill of predators is built into us and human history provides several examples.

One proposed answer as funny as it may sound is based on the fact that the groups that the terrorist are born from can’t even live amongst themselves. So simply the suggestion is based on letting nature do the job. Give them a plot of land they can call their own. Perhaps some big group of islands well isolated from the rest of the world. Stock them up with plenty of weapons that kill off huge numbers of people at one time. Then after a year or so simply go back and claim the vacant land as they will have exterminated themselves. Any survivors will be easy to deal with. So perhaps in this sense it is best to follow natures examples where there is no morality, guilt or conscience. People that can’t get along with others have in the reality of nature only two choices.

Choice 1 learn to get along.

Choice 2 become extinct.

As all this looks good on paper as so many things often do there is a whole bunch of variables that come into play.

There was going to be a part 3 of this however after reconsideration it is best not to go there as if anyone could figure this mess out, they would have done so already.

2 Responses to Terrorism Part 2

  1. Anger and Greed = world's killer says:

    Dedicated to the ‘honorable’ guest of Thailand yesterday.
    “Dressed in the lion’s skin, the ass spread terror far and wide”

  2. Jack Dawson says:

    Exactly who wants to “lash out” at terrorism? The fat “sit around on the couch, shove junk food down my face while I watch American Idol”, right-wing, Fox News version of world affairs, type of person? That would make sense, since it is these folks that have no idea about the issues BEHIND “terrorism”.

    I pose this question……..if a poll were taken across America today, how many Joe Average Americans would know that THEIR government is the largest supporter of state sponsored terrorism on earth? Just how many Joe Average American citizens would know (if asked) that their government supplies 3 Billion US Dollars a year of American tax-payers’ money in “aid” (not including F-16’s, Apache Gunships etc.) to poor little Israel?

    How many Joe Average Americans would know that Israel, with the full backing and support of American Administrations, past, present (and probably future) continues to cut off electricity, water, food, medicine, steal their land, build new settlements,build an Annexation wall and continue to kidnap, torture and murder women and children….these are the facts…never mind this “lashing out at terrorism” drivel.

    And, by the way, politicians do not do what their constituencies want. Politicians do what THEY want.
    That’s why constituents are constantly being force- fed the mind- numbing propaganda called “news” by mainstream media. This is done to support the spin and lies, that the politicians create, to acheive the results that THEY want, i.e approval ratings in the polls to support their sick policies.

    Soon, the average American is going to have to wake up to the fact that the solution to their own “security” as a nation, as well as individual citizens, is not going to be solved by dropping bombs and decimating other countries. America is without question, the best at that. Look what it has accomplished.

    American politicians have no intention nor desire to promote democracy or freedom anywhere in the world.

    America, as a nation, is a whimpering beaten dog. This Administration simply cannot tolerate the fact that people around the world know full well, the extent of the lies, deceit and two-faced hypocrisy, that they will go, in their ambition towards world domination. Fortunately, for the rest of the world, courageous men and women are only seen as “terrorists” to the Neo-con fascists, afflicted by the blindness of their own ignorance and stupidity.

    Make no mistake.The facts speak for themselves. For it is America, Britain and Israel, who are the true terrorists.

    Furthermore, one must ask: is America ready for another front in say, Iran? How about Pakistan?

    Does America really want to take on the Russians ….over Georgia!? Russia ,Iran and Pakistan are NOT Chile, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama etc. etc.

    South America has shown the world that they have had enough of America’s imperial ambitions,and the exploitation and desecration of their natural resources. Rest assured, so has the Middle-East.

    The time will come when American politicians and their “constituents” will have to come to terms with the fact that, the world is not theirs to determine who shall “get along” or “become extinct”

    For it is they, who will be staring their own extinction, squarely in the face.