John Edwards had sex

In a startling announcement, Democratic Senator John Edwards announced that he had sex. This startling revelation completely shattering the theory and belief that public officials are immune from all the natural urges and desires inherent in humans. No doubt a complete investigation and thousands of tax dollars will be spent to research this.

The fact that some people like to pretend that they are not human and insist that natural sexual desires can be controlled, is really the issue here. As every healthy man knows men think about sex continuously, and to deny that is like saying water is not wet.

With a variety of church groups hell bent on saying sex is wrong, (and hell bent being the correct term because no sex is hell) they continually find themselves in hot water as time and time again  as ‘Do as I say and not as I do’ backfires.

The single partner thing is a man made idea or perhaps better said a woman made idea. However for men, nature simply says multiple partners. Nature made men ready for sex all the time. This is simply to be ready when women are at the time of the month when they can conceive. A single partner keeps things nice and tidy, but nature designed men to seek out multiple women for sex. The strongest men get mating privileges to keep the species strong by passing on only the best and strongest genes. If this sounds familiar, that is because it is. Watching animal and nature programs you hear and see it all the time. However this all goes back to trying to wash it over with some layer of ethics and being better than nature. Well so far man’s idea of being better than nature has caused global warming, so much for that theory.

Much of this comes back to government trying to pry into our bedrooms. So when a member of government shows he or she is no better than the rest of us, it makes the front page of the Scandal Times. All the gossip that follows is just a wash over too as publicly we say it is wrong, but out true thoughts say otherwise.

It is true that some men have more control over there natural sexual desires than other. However the key word here is control thus overriding nature. When some men resort to rape knowing full well the consequences, that is a very strong desire.

So the issue with John Edwards is not our problem or concern, it is between him and his family, and to make something out of it is just a way to sell papers. His denial that this happened was just a way of saying non of your business. However because the government is so concerned what we do behind closed doors, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

So the epic battle on sex continues, with some suggesting we can turn it off. To those people counseling and a reality check is suggested. When it comes to understanding sex and nature, Thailand is light years ahead of the United States. For Thai politicians to have multiple lovers, it is not only accepted, it is the norm.

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