Thaksin’s ego driven plans in Thailand

Thaksin Shinawatra won’t give up sums it all up. His ego drives him forward as a moth to flame. Below is a copy of the Letter Thaksin faxed to the media from The United Kingdom. Please note that he fully plans to come back to Thailand on his terms.

Re: The decision not to report to the Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Holders of Political Positions.

First of all, I would like to apologize to the panel of judges presiding over the Ratchadapisek land case and to my supporters for my wife and I traveling to England – a country which upholds democratic principles above all else – and for our failure to report to the Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Holders of Political Positions.

What happened to my family and I, as well as our close associates, was the work of those who wanted me out of politics. There were attempts to take my life followed by a coup. After that, people who were my opponents were appointed to specially handle legal cases against myself and my family and to draft a constitution to prolong the authority of dictatorship. People who directly and indirectly supported the coup were appointed as members of organizations responsible for taking action against me. When there was an election on Dec 23, 2007, most people voted for People Power party candidates who were members of the former Thai Rak Thai to be their representatives.

I thought the situation would improve and that could have been a chance for me to prove my innocence and be given justice and I decided to return to Thailand on Feb 28, 2008. But the situation worsened. What happened to myself and my family was like the fruit from poisonous trees. The fruit was also poisonous. What I mean is that there has been a continuation of dictatorship in Thai politics under the democratic system. That was followed by interference in the judicial process. My cases have been pre-judged, to get rid of me and my family, who are regarded by a group of people as their political enemies, irrespective of the law and international principles of justice. My family and I have been continually treated unfairly.

The interference in the judicial process and the double standards which are clearly apparent have denied myself and my family and others involved of justice. But what is worse is that the long-established credibility and honor of the country’s judicial system and related agencies have been diminished. These mechanisms have been exploited politically to the point that neutrality has been compromised, causing the country a great deal of damage.

Moreover, I have been informed that my life is in danger. I needed to travel in bullet-proof vehicles when traveling around. These are the fruits of my devotion to the royal institution and to the country over the past six years as prime minister.

I apologize again for my decision to come to England. I want to assure you that:

1. My family and I are completely loyal to the monarchy and all members of the Royal Family although we have been accused otherwise.

2. Although I am not a perfect man, I can assure you that I am not as bad as has been alleged. When the right time comes, I will tell you everything. Today is not my day. I would like to ask my supporters to be a little more patient.

3. If I have a chance, I would like to return to Thailand and die on Thai soil as other Thais do.


Pol Lt-Col Thaksin Shinawatra

This truly borders on the boundary of insanity driven by ego, and very possibly on the far side of that line. This one statement “When the right time comes, I will tell you everything. Today is not my day. I would like to ask my supporters to be a little more patient.” says his intent. That intent is to be back in the big chair. He seems to have completely forgotten about his pro Thaksin websites as he had all the chance in the world there to tell everything. Apparently he was holding back on a few things, as after filtering out all the dirt, there is not much left.

For this to happen Thaksin and his cronies must completely gut the Constitution and the judicial process. It would mean giving powers equal to a royal pardon to the Prime Minister. At this point that is the only thing that can save Thaksin. Assuming Thaksin is convicted on September 17, and the 30 day new evidence appeal window has passed bringing it out to October 18, only a royal pardon can save him from jail. But as you read into it, a pardon is not enough for Thaksin.

That is total insanity to try to position someone in government at the same level as the King. That simply amounts to attacking the Monarchy. If that sounds remotely familiar coming from Thaksin and his cronies, perhaps this link can refresh your memory.

In short, if that is what it takes now, then that is Thaksin’s target if he wishes to continue. It is the only possible answer.

This is of no concern for Thaksin as he has nothing to lose and everything to gain at this point. He must get other people foolish enough to do it for him. If they fail it is their ass on the line and not Thaksin. They will be the ones in front of a firing squad and not Thaksin. Thaksin will make some sort of public statement about it from far away.

However long before that happens tanks will once again be parked outside of Government house unless of course Thaksin has managed to put his people in key military positions again. That new reshuffle list is due out in a few days. It may not be complete but it is certainly to more like what Thaksin would want for his class 10 buddies. Keep in mind Thaksin’s method was gradual and not to take too big a move. He learned that with the Shin deal. Too big of a move would simply set off alarms.

Thaksin wants to be at the top, nothing short of that will satisfy his ego, but for now it’s Bangers and Mash, Fish and Chips, and whatever else he does on the run.

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