Ruling party of Thailand invites war

Thailand’s ruling People Power Party (PPP) has very simply declared war by putting self serving Constitutional changes on a fast track. This Thaksin style arrogance most certainly will cause a sudden spike in problems in Thailand that may very possibly lead to violence as one of the pillars needed in running the country is very deliberately attacked.

From June 11, 2008 The Nation Link to full text

The charter is a pillar needed in running the country : HM the King

In his speech given to newly appointed judges on the Constitution Court on Wednesday, His Majesty the King said: “The Constitution is a pillar needed in running the country.”

“With the pillar, the governance and people determined to follow the principles, the country will function well,” he added.

The nine judges, led by Court Chief Justice Chat Chollaworn, were sworn in by His Majesty.

“The Constitution is a vital factor for the country, because with it as a pillar in running the country, governance will go well,” the king said.

In another speech made later with Administrative Court judges, led by Akkarathorn Chularat, HM the king told them to “act in accordance with the Constitution.”

So needless to say one can imagine the emotions behind this as very simply the changes the PPP wish to make are essentially taking the country from the Thai people and turning it into a money making machine for a few greedy self centered Thais. If this were the USA it would be the rough equal to the head of another country coming in and ripping up the constitution and replacing it with their own personal version. Needless to say that person may not survive very long as that is one thing that will unite all the people tossing political differences aside. Americans can remember how they felt the day after the 9-11 attacks. It is also much the same as what just happened in Burma as the junta forced their version of the Constitution on the people.

The difference in Thailand is, many of the Thais that support the PPP simply do not understand the ramifications of this because of their limited educational attainment. Essentially they are not traitors, they simply do not know better and are easily fooled and their votes are easily sold.

The People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) has been actively on the case, although both the PAD and PPP activities have taken a back seat to the news of Thaksin Shinawatra and his run from justice. Now that this brief vacation from the media spotlight is over, one can expect this apparent final showdown on who the country of Thailand belongs to.

The military is taking a keen interest in this as it would seem the strength of the Constitution has averted the need for military intervention. Should the Constitution be damaged by the self serving PPP, the likelihood of military intervention spelled ‘coup’ is greatly increased. In short, the PPP may unleash the dogs on themselves.

If the conflict between the PPP and the people of Thailand explodes into violence, Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej may impose martial law. That order will have the effect of disbursing the PAD rally. That order may also extend to the judicial system suspending the court case against Thaksin and the very possible dissolution case against the PPP. So essentially it becomes a win, win situation of sorts for the PPP as democracy is suspended and an instant dictatorship is installed.

Once again if this sounds vaguely familiar, it is exactly what Thaksin was planning to do just prior to the September 2006 coup that ousted him from power. As Thaksin is a creature of habit and thus making him more predictable, this set of dots is easy to connect. With Thaksin out of the country and away from the potential conflict, it matches his style of being away from the scene of the crime. Thaksin may be out of Thailand, but he is still very much in the game. It also fits in the scheme of things for Thaksin’s plans.

Now with the court refusing to let Thaksin’s lawyers withdraw from the Ratchadpisek land case as they had requested, there is a finite amount of time for this approach to work. It would appear the courts are done playing games with Thaksin. The ruling date is set for September 17, however deliberations will commence before then.
There is little doubt Thailand and in particular Bangkok is entering into a very dangerous and volatile time. It may be a good time to stock up on Mama noodles.

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