Thaksin arrest warrant identifies PPP goals

The very public arrest warrant for Thaksin Shinawatra has cause the People Power Party (PPP) to show it’s hand. The overt reaction of about 200 PPP members about something that is suppose to be out of their hands and essentially non of their business clearly identifies that the PPP priorities are First Thaksin, Second Self serving projects, and a distant third Thailand and it’s people.

The fact that this is even worth a comment is the very clear misdirection and priorities of the PPP. Thaksin has made his choice to run from justice, and the fallout of that is Thaksin’s own problem. Certainly all of Thailand and a significant number of others are watching this drama unfold.

Quoting the Nation;

“People Power Party members yesterday vented their anger at Prime Minister Samak Sunda-ravej for failing to protect the reputation of ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra.”

The anger is misdirected at Samak, as essentially he did the right thing by saying nothing pro or con about Thaksin. When Thaksin placed his tail between his legs and headed off to London, he lost a significant amount of credibility in the eyes of many observers. His voice essentially changed from former leader to that of a criminal on the run. Anything said by Thaksin from this point on is all about saving his sorry ass. The remaining concern is the blindness in those obsessed Thaksin supporters. From here on out they will start to sound like a smoker justifying why they smoke. By just seeking to lend support to a bail jumping criminal only lowers the institution they represent. In short what was assumed and observed is now proven by their support. In comparison it is like supporting the guy at the end of your street selling drugs.

Quoting the Nation;

“ Deputy secretary-general of the Democrat Party Theptai Senpong yesterday lashed out at Samak for not making a public statement denouncing Thaksin’s allegations about the judiciary. He said Thaksin’s comments tainted the monarchy and Samak’s silence cast doubt on his loyalty to the crown.”

Once again this is wrong to attack Samak. The democrats are talking as if Thaksin has credibility. The moment he decided not to show and jump bail, he lost credibility. Essentially Thaksin is a criminal now for running. It may not be as serious as the crime he was being tried for, but non the less a crime, and this is a first time status change from the day Thaksin took power. Virtually every country sees not showing up for a criminal trial as a crime, so the need to convince others has now become much easier.

The People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) plans to rally outside the British embassy on Tuesday August 19 to inform the British government of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s alleged wrongdoings. As the PAD is essentially a public group, their actions are correct. They will certainly generate some press in London and keep Thaksin on the defensive. To discredit Thaksin will be very helpful to Thailand in more ways that one. Thaksin’s clout is gone, and to take advantage of that will help insure the rest of his fall.

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