Thailand’s enduring naughty nightlife Part 1

With Bangkok recently being voted the number 1 tourist city in the world, one can only wonder about the status of the nightlife. With the price to get to Thailand up because of the price of oil, the nightlife venues are struggling for customers as well as every other part of Thailand.

Thailand has long been known for it’s beautiful women, and any male ex-pat who lives in Thailand will no doubt confess that is one of the reasons they have decided to call Thailand home. After all how bad can it be when the Thai greeting is a smile and thousands of beautiful Thai women are smiling at you all day.

Fortunately for non Thai men, the Thai men are frequently viewed by Thai women as not to be of good heart thus driving them towards western men. Thai men often shirk parental responsibilities leaving young Thai mothers to raise their child on their own. Many of these young women find themselves working in nightlife venues to make ends meet just to take care of their families.

In Bangkok there are 3 primary locations for the naughty nightlife, they are Nana Plaza, Pat Pong, and Soi Cowboy. Outside of Bangkok the City of Pattaya is the primary location.

Nana Plaza has long been the destination of sex tourists looking to answer the call of nature and sow their seed in as many places as their male stamina and wallet can endure. With the price of oil as it is, the wallet often gives out first. Over the last 3 or 4 years Nana plaza has been in decline for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason being the bar owners do not work collectively. The women that work in Nana plaza are some of the most stunningly beautiful in Thailand and for the most part counter balance the shortcomings of bar owners not working collectively. Other than 2 or 3 bars that are doing well, the rest are anemic.

In the general Nana area there are other venues like discos and beer bars, all are suffering the same fate of not working together. Hotels that were booked solid year round now have 20% vacancy except during the high season. The Nana area is not a slum by any means. There are several embassies, 5 star hotels, as well as one of Thailand’s top hospitals. So anyone who tries to paint the area as a seedy slum, simply has never been there.

Occasionally you will get some journalist on some sort of moral and ethical high horse trying to make a point. The reality is that journalist has not a clue. There are even some church groups that attempt to paint a picture of fiction, and only the unknowing would believe them. The reality in Thailand is different than any other part of the world. Thai women who work in the naughty nightlife venues don’t pocket the money for themselves, they send it to their families to help support them. Keep in mind the cruel fate Thai men have bestowed on these women by making them single mothers. The only mistake these young Thai women made was to read a romance novel and mistakenly fall into the repeating cycle of these Thai men who choose to love them and leave them. To dump on a single mother who is simply trying to give her children a better life is very low in anyone’s book church group, journalist or other.

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