Thailand’s enduring naughty nightlife Part 4

When it comes to finding Thailand’s naughty nightlife, Pattaya is the mother load. If you have ever seen the movie “Pinocchio” you will recall a place called “Pleasure island” where boys would go to have fun though with a price of becoming a donkey. Pattaya is simply the real life realization of “Pleasure island” with all the same fun and perils with some truly making an ass out of themselves.

Pattaya is located about 2 hours southeast of Bangkok along the shore. It is a city of roughly 100,000 people and the population changes depending on the time of the year. There is reported to be 1600 bars of all shapes and sizes in this community, and the emphasis on sex is in nearly every one. One would think with that ratio of bars to population there would be some bars that cant survive. Your assumption would be correct as many bars are closing due to lack of customers. Much of this it tied to the price of oil and simply not being able to afford the trip to Pattaya. As for the male human equation, the desire to have sex has never changed.

Pattaya is also a magnet for pedophiles as often young girls from up country Thailand head for Pattaya to help their parents. Although we are not talking adolescent children, we are talking young girls who are less than a year into mid puberty and perhaps pre first menstruation. For girls that young wanting to enter into the sex trade says a lot about Thai culture, and the desire to help the family. Any money made goes to mom and dad even at that young age. However this is the exception and not the rule. Typically 18 to whatever is the age mostly found.

During the day you can enjoy a day on the beach soaking up the sun while chasing away an endless parade of beach vendors. Then by night you can venture down Walking Street and into the heart of Pattaya’s naughty nightlife. There is something for everyone in the family but primarily for men who hear and feel the calling of nature.

Soi Cowboy is essentially a mini Pattaya in Bangkok however with a different set of rules. In Pattaya very simply anything goes and the police often turn a blind eye for a little cash in the hand.

During the High season Pattaya is a roar with tourists from all over the world simply looking to have fun and not everyone is looking for sex. Pattaya is near Bangkok and provides a variety of venues from golf, to parasailing to scuba diving. There are shopping malls and other outlets to keep the female shopping gene satisfied as well.

Pattaya is not immune to the world oil market and some adjustments are underway. As with Soi Cowboy in Bangkok, bars with multi venues do better, however some bars are simply to small in physical size to be more than single venue. There is construction underway with high end condos being built. The low and mid range places are not moving supporting that the price of oil has deep and profound effects in nearly every part of the world.

In reality Thailand’s naughty nightlife will survive as it is simply meeting a basic need, desire and fantasy of men. It may undergo changes but that is not new and entirely expected.

Additional sources: This website offers a weekly column on the nightlife as well as thousands of reader submissions about nearly everything in Thailand that does not happen between the sheets. This website provides a unique view from someone who works inside the nightlife. This website is from a fiction author who enjoys his retirement years in and around Bangkok’s nightlife.

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