PAD self induced wounds

in Thailand as the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) rally wears on, the self induced wounds from Tuesday August 26 are starting to get infected. The public’s view of the pad has changed along with the tactics used by the PAD. Depending on what happens next could decide the fate of Thailand.

The decision of the PAD leaders to commandeer government broadcasting facilities has met with negative response from the spectators of this event. The reason for commandeering has yet to be aired sufficiently to the watching public for them to understand the logic behind it. Without that explanation the event can only be seen as negative. With arrest warrants for PAD leaders tied to the event with the charge of treason attached, an explanation for the court of public opinion is needed as soon as possible.

The charge of treason seems a bit extreme, and even in the wildest stretch of the imagination, it is still difficult to see how it fits seeing as the event was for the most part unsuccessful. However the government often cites charges they wish to use that are trumped up. At best some variation of trespassing along with damage to property is the only hard fact. After that it is story telling time for prosecuting lawyers to try to make treason fit the bill. That would come from the lawyers spelling out the intent of the PAD leaders. That is another reason why the leaders of the PAD need to make their intent known to the public as soon as they can. The possibility of a lengthy pretrial incarceration looms and with the main voice of the PAD silenced, it will hurt them.

The People Power Party (PPP) government has figured out that the PAD has cut itself off from supplies and is using time to wait them out. Sooner or later each protester will leave the Government House compound for their own personal reason. That too works against the PAD.

The PPP is also saying the PAD is keeping the government from doing it’s work. That is a true statement to some extent. However from the time the PPP took power they have yet to do the work of the Thai people, and that is their true job. The work of the PPP government is to help Thaksin and that includes Changing the constitution. So in this case keeping the PPP government from doing it’s work is a good thing.

So far all the PAD has done is get themselves on the front page and in a corner. The fog of passion has at least for now worked against them, and perhaps a tactical expert who is not clouded by passion be put on retainer. Unless something significant happens and the PPP government makes a blunder, it appears the PAD has lost this round and there will need to be significant damage control on the part of the PAD to compensate for self induced blunders.

In the cause of the PAD, they need to use the tools and methods that are supported by Thai law. Their impatience has got the best of them.

One Response to PAD self induced wounds

  1. Crocodile says:

    It sounds silly to charge them with trespassing. They are not quite stealing cherries from neighbor’s tree, they are destabilizing the country, undermining democratic institutions and creating large potential for bloodshed.

    As much as I dislike Samak/Thaksin, they were preference of a clear majority of Thais. At least twice, despite the military coup.

    What is the English word for working to overthrow a democratically elected, legitimate government? How else would you define treason?