Samak acting out of character

In Thailand with the Government house under siege by the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) and seemingly everything caving in around Samak Sundaravej’s government, Samak seems unusually calm and very much out of character. Normally Samak would be barking like a dog spewing insults at anyone that got too close. That does leave an interesting question as to why.

Considering the amount of self induced pressure Samak is under, you start to wonder why he is not cracking. One could say very easily that Samak is out of touch with reality. Even the most laid back Thai would have a difficult time. Typically if a job is too stressful for a Thai, they just move on to another less stressful job. Seeing is Samak has no intention of moving on, he must find some way of coping.

From time to time people choose to alter their perception of reality with the assist of a psychiatrist and mind altering psychiatric drugs. Xanax or Valium may be suggested as a start to alter that perception of reality and create their own private tranquil vanilla world that has little to do with reality.

A great number of high end jobs prohibit the use of prescribed drugs like commercial aircraft pilots, some engineering jobs and so on. The reason being is they need to have their heads on straight as the lives of others depend on it. Even some medications for hypertension may disqualify a person from that job. In short any drug that effects how you think and feel emotionally is a potentially job ending drug. Antibiotics and antiviral medications do not effect the mind and focus on invading organisms in the body, and thus they are OK to use.

Once a person starts on these mind altering drugs the change is profound and rapid often only taking a few hours depending on the drug and dosage. The effect however leaves the person mentally handicapped and thinking less than par. Wrong decisions are frequent and less that optimum results are the norm. How would you feel if someone just felt it was not necessary to do something and as a result you lost money or suffered some injury.

So Connecting the Dots you can start to see the possibility that Samak may be under some sort of psychiatric care and on some sort of mind altering drugs, and that does leave the question if he is capable of the job of Prime Minister. That is a decision that must be made by mental health professionals that can not be bought. The normal Samak barked and threatened a member of Parliament whois a doctor, simply because he made a public evaluation of his mental state that was less than flattering. So needless to say it is a bit of a mini coup if Samak is declared unfit by a doctor.

If that turns out to be the case, a whole new chapter in Thai history will start and hopefully will not be as embarrassing as this one.

2 Responses to Samak acting out of character

  1. Such fanciful writing, based on no solid facts at all, belittles you. HRH has asked Samak to be calm, and he is following his advice. Simple as that. Cleverly, too, he has passed the responsibility for handling the situation to the police so that they, and not him, are responsible for whatever violence might occur.

    Samak’s reaction to the situation has raised my respect for him from zero to 10 percent. Only 10 percent because, really, both sides are right and both sides are wrong. The government is corrupt, and the PAD are ignoring the result of the election.

    PAD’s idiotic decision to storm the tv building, therefore setting the entire media against them, beggers belief. It was exactly the opposite of what they needed to do, but couldn’t.

    Europeans getting ready to book their winter break in the sun will be watching and making their decision on where to go. And Thailand continues to commit economic and social suicide.

  2. I disagree to some extent. Samak assigned someone yes that is true, but it is still Samak who is in charge and takes the blame. Should the order have started some place below Samak it is another story.

    As for Samak being on drugs, it was only suggested as a possibility. Samak by nature is out of control and prefers the stick to the carrot. Seeing as he is seen as a loose cannon, the suggestion he may be medicated to keep him under control is reasonable. With all that is going on and if I were in his shoes, I know without doubt I would be medicated.