PPP sponsored civil war wrong approach

In Thailand, the ruling People Power Party (PPP) has established counter rallies rather than find solutions to the political problems in Thailand. The mentality of this group is clearly embarrassing to Thailand when seen from the outside. Calling up a private army to start a civil war is not the answer and will have long and lasting negative effects on tourism in Thailand.

If you are new to Connecting the Dots you will soon discover Connecting the Dots is not about bitching and moaning about what happened, but it is about paining a picture of what is likely to happen. For the most part predictions have been accurate about 80% of the time. It seems when some unknown is introduced predictions are off. Because Connecting the Dots is somewhat unique and future looking, the readership has exploded and is growing daily. Much of that growth is by word of mouth and incoming links from places like The Washington Post as well as major blog hubs. The reason for this unusual mention in this post is, the dots that are coming together for this entry are very disturbing as they seem to point to Thai blood in the streets. And from this side of the keyboard, that is very disturbing. It is one of those things you hope you never have to write about.

It will be extremely difficult from a journalist point to be objective in the face of one of the most stupid moves by the PPP thus far to fuel their arrogance and greed. Although the phrase counter rally is being used now, that will shortly turn to something much more ominous. The PPP and other associates of  the fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra are violent by nature. There are several posts in Connecting the Dots that outline that.

The problem: The PPP is not working for the people, they are working for the fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra. They have done little or nothing positive for the Thai people and the country.

The answer:
The PPP should start working for the people as it is their mandate.

It seems likely now that the PPP has decided on violence to resolve it’s problem. Although the story below says they don’t plan violence, common sense and past experience says otherwise. Pictures of the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) stringing razor wire to fend off the PPP group says it all.

The answer to the problem is not a counter rally, the answer is inside the Government House and who occupies those chairs. However changes in those chairs seems increasingly less likely to happen voluntarily. There are Ministers that have cases accepted by the court and the law clearly says they must step down, however they are still working and have not stepped down.

Quoting the Nation;

The ruling People Power Party (PPP) yesterday moved to mobilise masses in Bangkok and provinces to join counter rallies against the anti government People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD).

Thousands of PAD protesters still occupied Government House for the sixth day, paralysing the administration of Samak Sundaravej, which yesterday also resorted to a joint parliamentary session to try to defuse the PAD protests.

A PPP source said government MPs, especially those in the Northeast, were ordered to organise at least 5,000 supporters per province to hold counterrallies in front of the provincial city halls.

These counterrallies will also head for Bangkok if the PAD did not stop pressuring the Samak government, he said.

“In Bangkok, we’ve also prepared to enlist supporters to join the progovernment Democratic Alliance Against Dictatorship or DAAD.”

“These supporters are mainly those working inside industrial estates and factories in Bangkok’s peripherals, ” said the PPP official.

The progovernment camp also issued  an ultimatum for PAD protesters to leave  Government House within the next week or else it would step up its counterattacks.

“If they’re still adamant, our supporters from all over the country will join forces to help PM Samak to return to his office,” Vipoothalaeng Pattanaphumthai, of the progovernment DAAD, told crowds gathering at Sanam Luang.

The progovernment camp also threatened to set the headquarters of opposition Democrat Party on fire as one of its key members is a PAD leader.

Pracha Prasobdee, a Samut Prakarn MP, said more government MPs would join the counterrally held by DAAD to show support for Samak.

“We won’t use violence. We will be  peaceful and I believe hundreds of thousands of people will join counterrallies,” he said.

The progovernment DAAD yesterday held a counterrally in front of Parliament as MPs and senators joined the debate on antigovernment protests.

Besides the Bangkok counterrally, progovernment groups also show up in several northeastern and northern provinces such as Nakhon Ratchasima, Chaing Mai and Buriram.

In the northeastern province of Nakhon Ratchasima, pro and antigovernment groups held rallies next to each other near Suranaree Monument. Police was told to be on high alert to help prevent a potential clash.

Prapas Ngoksungnone, a leader of the antigovernment rally, accused the government of failing to tackle the hardship of farmers.

The government has committed massive corruption and acted as a proxy of ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, he said, adding that his group held the rally to protest against the use of force against unarmed protesters in Bangkok.

Pol Col Boonlert Wongwatchana said more than 50 police were deployed at Suranaree Monument.

In Khon Kaen, some 20 teacher groups issued a statement in support of Samak and condemning the PAD.

Niyom Sriwiset, a teacher leader, said Khon Kaen teachers disagreed with the PAD and wanted the government to restore order.

In Roi Et, some 1,000 provincial DAAD members also demonstrated in support of Samak.

In Buri Ram, PPP MP Sanong Thepaksornnarong led more than 10,000 people from 23 districts in a rally at the Muang district office supporting Samak.

In Chiang Mai, some 500 people led by Phetchawat Wattanapongsirikul, chairman of the Federation of Northern People for Democracy, also demonstrated at city hall in support of the government.

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  1. Hi Richard, you are sure right about being right 80% of the time. Your August 17 story Downswing Dangers in Thailand that predicted the return of bombings in Bangkok, I am just reading The nation this morning that a small bomb exploded in a police booth at the Pracha Kasem Intersection in Bangkok. Do you think you can help me in picking my lottery numbers?

  2. Another bomb went off this morning at Tesco Lotus supermarket in Nakhon Ratchasima…