Democracy suspended by Thailand’s Prime Minister

In what clearly is a staged reason to declare a state of emergency, on Tuesday September 2 Thailand’s Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej did just that for self serving reasons. When the sponsored supporters of the People Power Party (PPP) clashed with the peaceful and court protected demonstration of the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) Thai blood was spilled on the streets of Bangkok.

The events leading to this are clearly staged to serve the embattled PPP and Prime Minister. A few days prior to this tragedy unfolding, some PPP members of Parliament announced that they would rally their own private army of pro government protesters. Just a day earlier Connecting the Dots posted PPP sponsored civil war wrong approach outlining the predicted outcome. Unfortunately for Thailand that prediction came true.

this PPP self serving black entry in Thai history was punctuate at a 9:00 am local time press conference by a gloating Prime Minister. His body language and statements left no doubt that this was a planned outcome. Prime Minister Samak made it clear he planned to remove the PAD court protected protesters from the Government house. With a state of emergency Samak assumes total control and effectively suspends democracy and becomes a dictator. With this power he can not only remove the protesters but he can jail them for as long as he wants.

The news reports reported that many of the pro PPP protestors were drunk young men, and that also is disturbing. That suggests a whole new layer to this in that the PPP did want violence to happen and very possibly provided the alcohol. Violence was predicted at some point, and being drunk only insured it. Many of the PPP supporters were from a pro Thaksin group known for violence.

Needless to say there will be fallout from this and very possibly in the form of a coup. There is little more to say at this time as events are unfolding.

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