Dirty faces

In Thailand and The United Kingdom a series of events are unfolding all tied one way or another to the fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra. In each case it appears to have caused a dirty face.

The negative influence of Thaksin Shinawatra is being felt in not one but two kingdoms. First there is the Kingdom of Thailand and now the United Kingdom. In each case there is a certain knot developing in the stomachs of people who are dealing with Thaksin one way or another.

Stepping back there is a persistent rumor that of all places is originating from the pro Thaksin camp. In the weeks prior to the start of Thaksin’s trial that he fled from, he was denied permission by the court to leave Thailand. However in the middle of the trial and just days before his schedule testimony he was allowed to attend the 2008 Olympic games in China. The rumor is that he paid the court off to let him go. If there is any truth to this rumor then the face of the court has been dirtied by Thaksin. This is a very serious accusation in that the courts have been a shining star after meeting with the King of Thailand.

As a result of Thaksin fleeing his trial and heading to the United Kingdom Thaksin gained fugitive status, and that is not sitting very well with Manchester City and fans of the club. There certainly appears to be some spin by Manchester City saying there were concerned about Thaksin having the lions share of the ownership. There have been some news releases suggesting Thaksin should sell some of his stake because of the unrest tied to him going on in Thailand. However unrest tied to Thaksin in Thailand was going on long before Thaksin picked up the phone calling Manchester City saying he was interested in buying the club. So simply that is a diversionary story and the more likely story is Thaksin is a fugitive and the fit and proper requirement is making the face of Manchester City dirty along with everyone associated with the club and possibly the league. The public in the United Kingdom is less forgiving to Thaksin than in Thailand. Thaksin needs to have a public platform to remain visible to continue his attacks in Thailand, and Manchester City will continue to get dirty if the name Thaksin is associated with them in any way.

The announcement Monday September 1 that Thaksin has sold the club to Abu Dhabi United Group for Development and Investment, but still remains honorary President is classic Thaksin deception. Click here to understand what that means. Needless to say this group will soon too have their face dirtied by association with Thaksin. The speed and secretiveness of the sale already casts doubts on how legitimate it is.

The face of the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) was dirtied as they stormed the government TV stations seeking to air their own broadcast. Needless to say some leaders of the PAD will more than likely spend some time in jail because of this incident. The raid was widely condemned by everyone across the board from journalists to the general public. The PAD now seems to exist only to rid the Thai government of Thaksin’s cronies and their negative self serving interest related to getting Thaksin back in power.

The Royal Thai Police got their face dirty when they used force to attempt to evict the PAD rally from the government house. Their action cause the court to cancel the eviction ruling. It also put a bad face on Thailand, as well as putting a yet to be seen dent in the 2008-2009 high tourist season. That also caused unrest to erupt across Thailand effecting tourists as well as Thais when rail and air transportation was severely effected.

Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej and the People Power Party (PPP) continue to wallow in the mud and manure from being so closely associate with Thaksin. The list is quite lengthy with them and is mostly if not completely tied to not doing anything for the people of Thailand and devoting all their efforts to get Thaksin back in power. The PAD rallies are a direct result of that. Now the PPP has called on supporters to rally and that looks to turn into a civil war when and not if they clash with the PAD.

As typical for Thaksin he stands safely on the sidelines doing his best to look innocent while all of this unfolds. When it is done he will just start it all over again with a new bunch of people as long as he is free to move about.

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