We Remember

On September 11 at 8:45 AM New York time the lives of Americans changed forever. This simple reminder to say we have not forgotten the lives that were lost, and the lives that were directly changed.

The fact that this post was published at the exact time of the attack is no coincident. The fact that a moment can pass unnoticed is sad. However that is simply our mind trying to heal itself by trying to forget. In Japan they have no problem marking the moment the first atomic bomb used in war snuffed out the lives of so many. The memory of that moment helps to keep similar mistakes from happening again.

Many things changed that day that have effected everyone across the world. The checks and screening to board an aircraft are a direct result of this attack. Tens of thousands of security cameras have been installed in towns and cities around the world as a direct response to this attack. E-mail and other internet screening are underway looking to avert future attacks.

So to say we have not been touch by this is wrong. Every time you are inconvenience by having to get to the airport way early, or have to submit to searches of luggage and your person. Every time you look up and see a security camera looking back at you no matter where you are,……. remember.

One Response to We Remember

  1. Hi Richard,

    I agree but the problem is one of being reactive and even over-reactive. The US Gov’t is spending a ton of money on the TSA (transportation security administration) as well as the war in Iraq- both were sold to the American people soon after Sept. 11th. Now these programs are still in place and the only measure of success is an absence of another attack on US soil. Seems like this may play into the strategy of hitting the US where it will hurt- in the wallet, by bankrupting the country.