Arctic territory dispute result of global warming

It has not exactly been front page news, but the now open waters of the arctic that are a direct result of global warming are becoming a bit of a territory issue. If there is any sure fire thing that can lead to war, it is a dispute over real-estate. Planting a Russian flag in the sea bed at the north pole seems to say “MINE!”

It actually does not take very much real-estate to bring on the potential of conflict. There is a dispute between Cambodia and Thailand over a very small parcel of land around the Preah Vihear temple. This has effectively put soldiers from both sides face to face with weapons drawn.

Now normally one would not think a whole lot about the issues in the arctic, however there are two main things that can change your mind. First is the open water now opens a northern shipping lane that was closed before. Without that option a ship had a choice of the Panama Canal or sailing around Cape Horn at the tip of South America. Needless to say a free short cut looks good for any shipping companies bottom line.

The second and even a more flammable issue than real-estate is the vast oil field that is below. As oil becomes more scarce the more remote the search goes. Up until not it was unpractical or impossible to get at that oil because of the shifting ice of the arctic ocean. Now that global warming has melted the ice for a significant part of the year, there is a better shot at the oil.

So now consider that borders are being disputed and oil is involved and you begin to see the bigger picture. If you can visualize a pack of lions, you will note it is the alpha male that eats first. Seeing that the area is being disputed by alpha countries, you can see how quickly this may turn to war should any get pissed off. Canada, Russia, The United States are the big players here, and they also have some of the biggest appetites for that oil. Considering that Russia is busy in Georgia for whatever reason, less than friendly moods are already in place.

What can happen next could easily be named “Oil wars of the north”. This is in the very early stages, and the price of oil will be a direct indicator to the chance of war.

2 Responses to Arctic territory dispute result of global warming

  1. wilbert Robichaud says:

    That’s odd this shows more ice then last year?

    So it beg the can More ice mean Less Ice?

  2. Jack Dawson says:

    Hmmm….yes indeed, Russia was busy in Georgia for about what, 5 days? That’s pretty much all it took to completely annihilate the U.S. and Israeli backed army, of that other psychopathic asskissing, lying wimp, Sakashvilli, whom the all-knowing “war hero” John McCain affectionately called “the brilliant young president of Georgia, Misha”.

    What a joke! All the hooplah from the U.S. Administration, especially what’s her face “Condi” Rice about supporting the
    “territorial integrity” of Georgia and the big bad Russian aggressors, and blah blah blah, expecting the rest of the world to believe the sick, hypocritical lies, oozing from her face.

    I suppose, based on the perspective of this blog, since the Americans were the first to plant an American Flag on the moon, I guess that makes the moon American as well?

    Or is it some divine commandment struck in stone tablets, delivered from high up the mountain, that “all territories of the world with oil deep within the earth is to be extracted, consumed , controlled and distributed by the All Reverent Corporatocracy of the United States of America”.

    Must be the 11th Commandment, Revised United States of America Version of the Holy Bible.

    The way I see it, the only “sure fire way to war” is American politicians together with their sick, perverted corporate lobbyists flogging their imperialist and hegemonistic ambitions, with complete and utter disregard for the true and rightful inhabitants and resources of the countries they decimate.

    From what I understand, the Arctic floor is not on American soil. But even that I guess depends on who you ask.

    “War on Terror”, “War on Drugs”, “War on Climate Change”., and of course the all time greatest, “Road map to peace in the Middle East”. That’s going really well. It’s only been, what, 60 years?…….what’s next? War on rain, war on education, war on health care, war on raising a family in a wholesome and dignified manner? God knows the war on the middle class and the war on democracy has already been won. I’m sure the Wall Street and Washington neo-cons are loving that one.

    $10,000,000,000,000.00 in DEBT! (that’s 10 trillion dollars and counting, by the way) Great job! I’m sure every American feels so much safer now that the “homeland is “secure” and free of the evils of the world.

    “Losing my house, can’t get a decent job, can’t pay the bills, but boy do I feel safe”. Yeeehaaa!

    Aaah, but yes, a New World Order is upon us. I feel safer already. Enjoy your elections. Sorry about your luck.

    R.I.P. America.