Account not available

It can cause a rock in your stomach to suddenly appear when you stick your ATM card in a machine and it does not work. That is common when you have a balance lower than the smallest note the ATM dispenses, but when you have thousands of dollars in the account something is wrong. It is hard to say if this is related to the United States banking problem as a whole, but it does warrant your immediate attention.

So here you are, away from home and your wallet says empty in the cash department. So typically people stop at an ATM Machine to replenish their supply of cash. This can be a particular concern when you are out of the country and you want to make use of the many networks banks use. “Cirrus” and other networks are powered by big banks. With big banks falling like flies after spraying a can of insecticide, the networks may also be dead on arrival.

In no uncertain terms should you assume you have a working ATM account at a bank that is not yours. This entire mess can cause panic and a run on the bank. The thing to do is make phone calls and check. You probably will have no problem getting money from your own bank’s ATM, but when you are out of the country be sure alternate methods of accessing cash are in place.

This problem looks to get worse and not better, and it is also a sign things are far worse than is generally known by the public.

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