A guy thing

American culture can be both fun and unusual at the same time. Sometimes a six pack of beer with a little tinkering in the garage can create a new guy type sporting event. All that is needed is a place to hold the event, and a cooler to hold the beer.

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. – This year’s Pumpkin Hurl in Washington state now has more than a half-mile of space after a squash was tossed 1,866 feet last year.

The Northwest Agriculture Business Center has moved the event from Burlington to a Snohomish County farm with a 3,000-foot gourd firing range.

The sky will rain pumpkins Oct. 4. The center says at least seven teams from the West Coast and Canada will compete this year for prizes and bragging rights.

Defending champion TreBarbaric with be there with its 78-foot-tall pumpkin-pitching machine.

The pumpkin hurler is a war machine from the Middle Ages known as a trebuchet (treh-byoo-SHAY’) — a combination catapult and sling.

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