US banks limiting ATM access

In what is a very deliberate move by some banks in the United States, access to bank accounts is being limited to domestic ATM access only. The reason is obvious, they want to make it difficult to withdraw cash.

In a very deliberate move, some banks have limited access to accounts by dropping off international interbank networks. NYCE (New York Cash Exchange) is a US domestic interbank network, where Cirrus and Maestro are more international. What that means is what was reported earlier by Connecting The Dots as a concern, is now a substantiated warning!

What this means is check what your bank is doing before heading abroad. Check to see if they have dropped off interbank networks. If they have you may want to consider this as a warning that your bank’s health is not as it once was.

Other subtle changes in service are also indicators as to what is going on behind the closed door of the corner office. People should be in tune with the pulse of their bank.

From there is becomes a personal decision as what to do. Often banks don’t open their books to the public, and a closed sign on the door may be your first and only indication the bank has gone south.

As suggested before, have enough cash on hand to hold you over for a few weeks to a month. In the event your bank does close, you will have cash on hand while waiting for the government to come in and pick up the pieces. It would seem the glory days of American Express travelers checks is returning.

2 Responses to US banks limiting ATM access

  1. Jack Dawson says:

    Truly amazing how fast this hegemenous, ignorant , belligerent and truly pathetic United States Administration, led by a sick band of neo-con war criminals have managed to, not only become the laughing stock of the planet, but are still convinced that even moderately intelligent individuals around the world believe that the rest of the planet gives a rats’ ass about anything these warmongering idiots have to say.
    (Hey Condi, is Russia isolated and irrelevant now?)

    From where I’m standing, it looks like the good old U.S. of A is becoming pretty isolated itself. Thanks to you sad fools, running your country down a sewer pipe.

    Perhaps the war criminal psychopaths in Washington should send a few more billion (borrowed dollars, that is) to that other terrorist regime, Israel, or better still, toss a few hundred more billion to protect their “strategic interests” in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Waziristan, Georgia and only God knows where else these maniacal idiots can throw away more of the hard working American families money ; you know, the ones with no health care, losing their homes and having to work 3 jobs just to exist.

    Great Job! Hope you spend that $700,000,000.00 tax payer dollars wisely.

  2. Jack Dawson says:

    Sorry…there should be 3 more zeros on that total. $700,000,000,000.00