Sheep mentality

As humans we see ourselves as the top species on the planet. But when it comes right down to it, some of the things we do collectively may leave aliens from another planet wondering who is in charge. Looking at the global economic crisis, it is very obvious we are making it worse because of the sheep mentality.

If you had the opportunity Friday October 10 to watch the minute by minute ride on the New York stock exchange, you may have noticed in the opening minutes the market dropped faster than a fighter jet with afterburners full on. Then shortly after the market bounced back flying up and down in a 1000 point range all day. When it was all over, the market finally close down 128 points. The day’s chart looked like a seismograph riding out a 9.5 earthquake.

This all comes from the sheep mentality where the other person is always the better expert. What has been called the wildest ride on wall street all comes from sheep mentality and follow the leader. In a story Connecting the Dots wrote about there was a reference to a heard of 1500 sheep jumping off a cliff because the first one did. Read it here.

On October 7 Connecting the Dots did a story on financial panic and chose a picture showing sheep jumping off a cliff for a reason. The reason being is Connecting the Dots saw it coming because Connecting the Dots understands how sheep mentality works.

So the secret to all of this and to win the game in the end is simply know that the sheep phenomenon happens in humans. Simply visualize a football field with one goal being the sell desk and the other goal being the buy desk. Now picture 1000 people of every size, shape and age all following one another as fast as they can between goals buying and selling stocks, and you have a wonderful slapstick scene for the aliens to watch and wonder about. They may easily come to the conclusion that there is no intelligent life on the planet.

The secret here is to understand what stocks are more or less immune to the market and then after the sheep have drove the price of stock to a ridiculous low level, buy as much as you can afford. Once the sheep figure out that stock was safe the value will come back up nearly as quickly as it went down. Knowing what bullet proof stocks to buy can be found in Connecting the Dots story “Taking stockthat will be published tomorrow. So don’t forget to click subscribe at the top right of this page. That way you will know when it is out.

So the question is are you a sheep or a wolf when it comes to making decisions. Unfortunately the vast majority of the American population are sheep or if you prefer followers. They don’t have confidence in themselves, and that makes the difference between a $60,000.00 annual salary and a $600,000.00 annual salary. Knowledge is power and in this case the only knowledge you need is knowing about the sheep mentality, how to make it work for you and what types of stocks to buy. Before you know it, you will be on top of the world. sheep see the economic status as disaster, wolves see it as opportunity. So the question is how do you want to see it. You already know the answer, so it is time to join the pack and hunt.

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