What of our children

For the first time in human history deciding to have children knowing their lives will be far worse than ours is something we must consider. Consider the fact that what we have done to the planet will have a profound negative effect on their lives, we must now consider what is the right thing to do.

There is absolutely no doubt that the huge human population is hurting the earth. We take but give little in return. We pollute the air and change the climate. We overwhelm the land and eat all the planet can provide. This all spells disaster, famine and more.

As the climate heats up changes happen at a greater frequency. Changing this process takes time. Changing from global warming to global cooling does not happen over night. It easily could be decades or a lifetime at the rate of proposed changes. During that time it simply will be hell on earth with one huge natural disaster after another, food shortages, and governments unable to cope. Even today’s rising cost of oil is just a sample of things to come.

All of this bad weather, food shortages and so on is nature fighting back seeking balance. In short nature will start to reduce the population nature style with starvation. A year ago this would have been a far fetched thought, but today seeing the words ‘global food shortage’ in the news with increasing frequency, it is not nearly as far fetched as before and much closer to reality.

So deciding whether to have children or not is truly a more difficult choice. Do you really want to put your un-conceived children through this pending hell? Do you really need children or is it just a desire based on our genetics to procreate? All of this must carefully be weighed balancing between, morals, ethics, and our natural desire to procreate.

Nature has provided what can only be called a safety valve. When the levels of stress and anxiety are too high, our ability to have children is turned off. In men, the more stress and anxiety the more difficult to get an erection. Also the desire for sex is diminished. In women excessive stress and anxiety will cause the menstrual cycle to pause. When that happens they will not ovulate thus pretty much putting a stop to having a baby. So if you ever wondered why you were not in the mood for sex after a hard day, that is why.

In many countries there is no government safety net and children take care of their parents, so not having children becomes a dilemma for them. In other countries like the USA, the government can provide so the need to have children is less. Once again this all comes down to personal choices.

By not having children we assist in recovery of the planet. The young people already walking the planet today will face this hell. That time is not that far off of you take a moment to connect the dots. Possibly inside 5 years, and certainly inside 10 years the planet will be a very different place. It is your choice what to do, just make the right one.

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