The hand of nature

There is no need to point out that there is a food shortage that will only get worse. Crops destroyed by weather in Burma and the USA are just the start. In this case nature removed what we planted. Soon nature will not let it grow where it grew before.

There is no need to talk about doom and gloom because we have a hard enough life already, so why would we want to make it worse. That is either a statement or a question depending on how you see things. As we continue to use and abuse the planet, nature will start to use and abuse us, and starving us is just one way.

The point here is just how fast nature can bring about changes. Inside of a week, nature took 5,000,000 acres of corn from our tables in Iowa alone. As that flood moves down stream and breaches more levies who is to say how much more food will never make it to harvest or be of reduced quality at harvest. Nature also Inside a few hours destroyed nearly all the food in the delta area of Burma. A sudden deep freeze in places like Florida can wipe out the Orange crop over night. Changes in climate can cause destructive insects to appear where they never appeared before and damage crops.

The sudden and more drastic the weather becomes, the more chances of crops not surviving the storm. Weather was never this intense before and the number of weather related disasters has gone up between 400% and 500% over the last 25 years. This does not consider the seismic side of nature, but only what comes from the sky.

So as sudden and drastic as the weather can be, it is the same suddenness that food will disappear. We need to not let politicians in office who see money before people, it seems the only way to save ourselves from more bad choices that go us to where we are today. Perhaps we should use Al Gore as a sounding board on who to vote for, and that is not Just in the USA. As Al Gore has made presentations all over the world, he more than likely has a good idea who to vote for.

One Response to The hand of nature

  1. Same sentiment here.. Mother Nature is definitely getting back at us. It’s alarming though how the rate of our ‘awareness’ is hardly catching up with that of the disasters’. The picture’s a great wake-up call.

    By the way, the ‘Al Gore’ idea is a great one. But where I’m from, I’d first need a quick fix for my (country’s) problem on vote-buying – not so much on who to vote for!