King and country or Thaksin

Civil war has started in Thailand, there is no other way to put it. The conflict in Thailand has now gone beyond the bounds of politics and now can be classified as a civil war because military ordinance is being used by Thais on Thais along with blessings from an active Military General.

Setting the stage quoting the Nation:

10 injured, an explosion damaged Constitution Court Judge Jaral’s house, gunfire heard near Government House, one man found dead near Metropolitan police head office

A grenade was lobbed against security guards of the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) at the Makkhawan Rungsan Bridge early Thursday morning, injuring ten of them.

The PAD guards filed complaints with police that the attack at the Makkhawan bridge came at about 3 am.

Pol Captain Pomphet Chotklang of Nangloeng police station said the bomb was an M26 grenade. A safety pin was found at the scene.

The bomb caused a small hole on the ground.

Six guards were rushed to the Vajira Hospital. One of them was severely injured. He is identified as Sathien Thapmaliphol, 43.

Four other guards received minor injuries and received treatment by the PAD medics.

PAD guards told police that the captured a man at 2 am after he carried a shirt soaked with petrol walking to the rally site at the Makkhawan Bridget.

Shortly after the man was captured, a motorcycle arrived and the pillion rider threw the bomb at the PAD guards.

Following the attack, the PAD stepped up security at the site.

About an hour after the bomb attack, a few gun shots were heard near the Government House.

At about midnight, a bomb was lobbed into the compound of the house of Constitution Court judge Jaral Phakdeethanakul, causing some damages.

No one was injured in the attack happened at Jaral’s house on Soi Pridi Phanomyong in Bangkok’s Klong Tan district.

Bomb disposal officers said the bomb was made of TNT explosives stuffed inside a PVC pipe.

Police Sub-Lt Somchai Saraket of Klong Tan police station quoted Jaral as saying he heard something falling on the roof and heard an explosion two minutes later.

The explosion caused a 50-cm-wide and 25-cm-deep hole in the lawn and shattered some window glasses as well as damaging an air-condition compressor.

At about 5:30 am, police said a man clad in black was found dead on the a sidewalk about 50 meters away from the Misakawan Intersection behind the Metropolitan Police head office.

A policeman, who was stationed to keep security near the area, said he saw the man walking through the police line at 4 am heading to the Government House.

The man, Sungwian Rujimora, 46, appeared drunk and was heard saying “fight them”.

He was found hundreds of meters away from the Government House.

Police said he was shot and beaten with hard objects.

Quoting the Nation:

Pro-Thaksin general says more attacks against PAD to be made

Gen Kattiya Sawadiphol, a specialist of the Army, Thursday denied that he was behind the bomb attack against the People’s Alliance for Democracy.

But he said the PAD would face more attacks and PAD guards would be killed everyday if the it did not stop occupying the Government House.

“In the future, the PAD may be attacked with RPG rockets, M79 grenades,” Kattiya sad.

He said many groups were dissatisfied that the PAD became blatant and armed its guards as well as showing disrespect to many senior persons.

This is truly a sad time for Thailand as the military is showing signs of division either being for King and Country, or Thaksin. Because of that now visible division, it is becoming obvious of a power struggle in the military. All eyes would be wise to keep close tabs on happenings inside the military. Much of what will be and is going on will never meet the media.

The issue of the PAD being at the Government house has been compensated for with a temporary seat of power elsewhere in Bangkok. The PAD being at the Government house is more symbolic than anything. With that said it is now very clear to all that would choose to open their eyes that the PAD is fighting for King and country and they are the true patriots. If in fact the PAD are patriots then the Thais that fight against then can now be seen clearly as traitors who fight against King and country.

Fighting for King and or country is a universal sign of a patriot, and when parts of the military take up arms against patriots it meets the definition of civil war. It does not matter what country this is applied to. It can be from The United States to China and any country in-between.

The underlying issue is two fold. The first issue is time is running out for Thaksin supporters. Chances of changing the Constitution appear more bleak everyday. Soon the ruling party that supports Thaksin will be in court fighting for it’s survival. Any hopes of reelection under another name that supports the Thaksin banner will be at a lesser strength and very possibly not the dominant party. Because of that limited time frame and dwindling support,  more desperate and violent measures are being taken to remove the PAD patriots. So the excuse by the pro Thaksin General about wanting to liberate the Government house is simply a ruse. The PAD will continue to be attacked no matter where they are as attacking and ending the PAD is the true goal. The evidence is undeniable in that attacks have happened away from the government house.

The second thing is Thaksin is looking to take down the country. This has been the talk of many respected people in Thailand. Thaksin’s personality and ego simply will not let it be any other way. It is uncertain if Thaksin is behind the military endorsed aggression or if was internal to the military. If it was internal then that can only mean that the chance of Thaksin loyalty money ending was becoming a reality.

So lumping all this together we have a spit in the military with some being loyal to the King and some being loyal to Thaksin. Both sides have access to weapons and there is a fair chance that if bits and pieces are finding the media via open expression of aggression to the PAD, you can connect the last dot yourself as to what that means.

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