Modern day Witch hunts

In America today there are active Witch hunts going on. However the witch hunts are not carried out by cults, in fact they are carried out by people who we have been taught to respect. These hunts are no less critical than the Witch hunts of the past in Salem Massachusetts with the end result of people losing their lives.

The modern Witch hunts of today are carried out methodically by hundreds of people and the people that carry them out appear to be in some sort of trance or state of mind that is triggered by a simple three word phrase. Those magical mystical words cause these people to loose all sense of reason and they are focused with a single goal in mind. Those words must be spoken or written in a certain order and must be presented by someone of credible standing. That magical phrase is “Child sexual abuse.” Once spoken these people fall into a trance setting about destroying the life of the accused Witch whether guilty or not.

The most recent and still active not to mention very public Witch hunt is being carried out in Texas. With one sweeping move the Witch hunters removed all the children from a religious compound.

The Witch hunts are no less critical in smaller scales were people are accused of child sexual abuse. The first action is to attack the accused and spread information that the alleged is under investigation. Also the removal of the accused children is highly likely. This sets up a stigmatism and the presumption of innocence is completely forgotten. This often results in the immediate stopping of any promotions in society and or at their place of work. The accused may even be asked to take a leave of absence from work. Next the respect this person once had is replaced with doubt as friends and associates start to move away from the accused for fear of guilt by association. The downward spiral continues and even if the allegations prove to be false the damage is done and that accused will never be allowed to regain their former status. The only option is to relocate to another part of the country and restart hoping that the news of being the subject of a Witch hunt does not follow.

Unfortunately this saga is a daily occurrence and in messy divorces one of the soon to be ex-couple may accuse the other to gain some sort of leverage by having them need to fend off the Witch hunters. The fallout is no less damaging, however if the accusing party is found to have made up the story, in many cases they may be subject to criminal prosecution as the claim of misconduct must be made with a sworn statement.

The simple thought that such Witch hunts are still ongoing is a simple testimony that we have a long way to go before our society reaches full maturity. Innocent people must suffer and lives ruined all in the pursuit of a Witch. Although the accused person’s heart may still be beating when all is said and done, their lives as they knew them have ended.

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    Dean Tong, MSc.

  2. Susan Johnson says:

    This happened to my brother. He was out of the county on business when it all started. Someone decided he was on the run and it all got blown way out of per portion by the time he got back 3 weeks later. Needless to say he was found innocent but not before he lost his job and dignity.