World talks to American voters

When the United States elects a new President, the world takes note. The voting is left up to the American voters. However in this election, there seems to be a resounding plea from people around the world to American voters to do the right thing as the results will effect their lives.

One could argue that the reason is George Bush and they see John McCain as a repeat performance. Another argument is that Barack Obama has spent a fair part of his life outside of the USA and has been seasoned with understanding. Perhaps Obama is not white and the world sees more openness and understanding in that. Hardship and difficulties are more associated with skin other than white. Perhaps the world economic crisis and global warming is better dealt with using the Democrat’s approach and not the Republican’s. there is a list of reasons six billion long and each person has their own.

When you start to see picture and images of Barack Obama in other parts of the world, it does make you stop and think. Because the world has become so closely nit in the past 10 or so years, it is entirely conceivable that the next President will be loosely considered the President of the world by the way people are acting.


You may recall the huge crowd Barack Obama drew in Germany. Seeing that happen sends a huge message of collective wisdom to American voters what the right vote is for Europe.

Connecting the Dots has concluded that the world sees hope and change in Obama, and for now that is just a dream that may not be a reality. For Obama to have true power the US congress must have a strong Democrat majority to override a Republican filibuster. However that also may happen if you are looking at the poll results.

On the down side, some people may be disappointed in the results, and are expecting more than can realistically be offered. Also as the global economy was not able to adapt to the rapid change in the price of oil, society also will not be able to adapt to rapid change in policy. Realistically slow to moderate change with several adjustments along the way is both the safest and wisest. That way collective wisdom can be applied as unforeseen things will no doubt occur.

Obama is not Superman although who is to deny a person their dreams.

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