Jailhouse keys

After reading some of the things that came out of the mouths of Thaksin’s cronies in the past week, even Connecting the Dots was amazed that one of our long shot predictions actually came to be. The only thing about the comments that is unknown is if it came from brazen arrogance or utter madness.

Our master Thaksin has spoken, and he has called on us to rally the people to his cause. Because of that we will blindly obey. We have the power to change things to help our master rise to the top above all others. It does not matter what you call us as we go by many names now. We are servants to our master and that is all that matters to us.

Our master has been unjustly accused and sentenced to jail for being too influential, and our master does not like that at all. He must stay far away out of reach until we can fix things for him. We need to change the Constitution that was accepted by a significant majority of Thais. This is important to us because it keeps us from doing what we want. Many of us have fallen already because of the Constitution.

The Constitution wants to force us to change but we will not yield, our allegiance is with our master. So we must trick the guardians of the Constitution into thinking we want to make it better. Then when we have the advantage we will change it to help our master. This is our only goal.

Our second task is to remove the punishment imposed on our master by the ones in black robes. There is only one person that can do that, but we are sure he is very busy with tasks and family matters. So what we can do is write and pass a law elevating ourselves to his level and grant amnesty to our master ourselves. That way he need not be bothered and it insures we get what we want to help our master. Our master has shown us how to change laws to help himself many times.

Then when our master finally comes back we can consider writing a law putting our master at the very top so the one there now can retire. He has been on the job a very long time so he deserves a rest. We are very sure our master will not mind doing this kind thing for him. We know this because it has been rumored he has been planning this special gift of retirement for a long time.

Our master also wants his castle back, but right now there are squatters there wearing yellow and making a lot of noise with hand clappers. We have tried some very subtle approaches to remove them that have included shooting them, beating them, bombing them and gassing them. However they still persist and seem to be growing in numbers. When our master comes back he will want to make them disappear. He has shown us how he deals with people in the north and south.

Or master is wonderful and he has taught us a new sense of morality and ethics that are very different from what our parents taught us. We learn to live without face and when we think about his teachings we get a wonderful full feeling in our wallet. That is so much better than anything else we have been taught. Our master has taught us to put him first above anyone or anything. When we do that he showers us with rewards. When we do not obey we are banished and thrown to his enemies to devour us.

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