Economic stress management

There is no doubt stress is a major concern when it comes to the economic melt down. Knowing how to manage your stress is very important so you don’t blow a unit.

A certain amount of stress in everyone’s life is considered normal. The amazing thing it is all relative to what we think is important. Stress because you are stuck in traffic going to or from work somehow seems welcome when you don’t have a job anymore. The 24-7 stress of being unemployed and the anxiety of not knowing what will happen is much greater than a 30 minute traffic jam.

Ironically one of natures best stress management tools is often an early casualty of excessive stress. Very simply sex relieves stress. Sex produces and releases a variety of hormones and neurochemicals that reduce stress. So having as much sex as possible is a natural and much better way than a fist full of pills. The reason the sex drive is one of the first to go is it’s natures safety valve to keep there from being another mouth to feed in a prolonged stressful situation.

Another way of reducing stress is exercise or physical activity. If you find yourself out of work, there is no excuse to go and work on getting rid of the extra weight. It will make you feel better as well as improve your chance of getting a new job. We have all seen the experiment where the under qualified attractive person got the job where the overweight qualified person did not. Eye candy at work is preferred.

Don’t be afraid to vent your frustration, and kick political correctness out. Blowing off steam is healthy. You will be surprised people won’t mind because political correctness can’t survive in economic hard times. Ripping into someone who is doing their best to create a stressful politically correct world is immensely gratifying. There is no doubt you will feel great when you tell them to stick it where the sun never shines. When they appear shocked and upset, tell them again to get a life or get a therapist!

Eating natures foods will also help to manage stress. They can be found along the left back and right walls inside your grocery store. Not only are those foods good for you, they are also the least expensive.

Ironically mental health stress management tools are not standard issue. People have to be taught how to manage stress. Seeking professional help is often the only place where the stress management tools can be taught. Much of the stress in a economic downturn requires things to happen that are outside of your control. Essentially you are just along for the ride and you need to know how to hang on without falling off. Once you learn how to use those new stress management tools, you will note a reduction in your stress level because you manage the stress and not absorb it.

It is much more important to manage stress than most realize. Stress can cause premature ageing. Looking like you are 45 when you are 37 can suck big time especially when you find it is not reversible. Stress also contributes to hypertension, and that is a serious life changing condition. The thought of taking hypertension medication that can cause impotence is not a pleasant thought for men. If reducing stress can get you off that medication then getting professional help is a no brainer.

The bottom line is learning how to cope, and understanding each person has different needs. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, there is no shame in learning. After all it is what you did most of your childhood.

2 Responses to Economic stress management

  1. Excellent advice…

    Our minds, thoughts, emotions, spirits, bodies, health and fitness levels are all so closely intertwined…

    I would be wary of any stress management advice that seems to ignore the complex multi-faceted nature of our selves.

    Thanks for pointing us in the right direction,

    -James T.

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  2. Great information and I love your first stress management tool!