Thaksin musical chairs

In an ironic turn, the convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra’s own arrogance has come around to bite him in the ass. While Thaksin was out of Great Britain on a personal mission to make more problems in Thailand, the British government canceled Thaksin’s visa and let themselves off the proverbial hook.

This is clearly a blow to Thaksin on all levels. Six days earlier in a pity me propaganda speech Thaksin sang high phrase for the British Government for being democratic and fair. The intended audience was his lesser educated supporters. The intent of the speech was to further divide Thailand by suggesting the Thai courts were unfair and Bias. The move by the British government suggests just the opposite.

It was becoming increasingly clear to the British government and everyone else that Thaksin was getting ready to take the British through the mud to serve himself. So when Thaksin left town to go and twist the knife a little more in Thailand, his visa got canceled. This was not the first time either. China had recently done some visa modifications too after Thaksin’s arrogant mouth got the best of him.

This does leave open the question as how influential the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) was as they had just rallied at the British Embassy in Bangkok a few days before. Connecting the Dots feels it was significant influence for two reasons. What the PAD was asking for was the right thing to do if you respect law and order. The second reason is not so much said with words. Normally the Thai people are laid back and it takes a lot to get them fired up. The PAD has paid at least two visits to the British Embassy this year with significant numbers, and that is anything but laid back.

This leaves Thaksin with several dilemmas. This could be the start of another Gary Glitter find me a home adventure, however it is too soon to say. There is a strong chance that other countries will deny Thaksin entry based on his convicted fugitive status. Couple that with Thaksin not caring who he drags through the mud to get his way, he becomes very undesirable.

This also leaves a theoretical door open and Connecting the Dots has not done research on it, so take it as just a concept. When a person travels between countries they are in a sort of limbo. Between the time exit and entry stamps are placed in a passport, technically they are in no country even if they still are on that countries soil standing in an airport. If Thaksin was intercepted by authorities or a bounty hunter in this limbo he could be forcibly taken back to Thailand without the ability to call on the laws of the exiting or entering country. And certainly if there was a problem, that problem could all be sorted out while Thaksin was sitting in his Bangkok cell.

So as there are only a very few dots here to connect, it becomes difficult to get a good picture. However you can expect Thaksin has already dispatched his lawyer on figuring out how to get back into Britain or other parts of the United Kingdom. He now must do damage control as his lesser educated supporters will no doubt be very confused as the British have just implied credibility on the Thai court that convicted Thaksin. All of the ramping up Thaksin has done about the British being fair and Thailand not being fair that started when he fled Thailand, has just crashed and burned with someone hitting the enter key on a computer someplace.

The Thaksin camp has rumored that the Bahamas have offered a honorary citizenship to Thaksin no doubt in exchange for some positive financial whatever. But the Bahamas is quite literally half way around the world from where Thaksin wants to be. That places him 12 time zones and about 24 hours travel time from what is left of his power base.

Based on Thaksin’s past history he will most likely attempt to bribe someone to get back into Great Britain, but he has become too hot to touch because he has chosen the high profile road. When that fails he will turn on the Brits and attempt to use financial pressure through the companies he owns and oversees.

As this is all breaking news, the best thing to do is get out the popcorn and just sit back and see what happens next.

One Response to Thaksin musical chairs

  1. Mike Hunt says:

    ‘Som num na’ as they say.

    It’s going to be hard to keep the violence going when he is dodging around looking for a place to settle down.

    This is more entertaining than the US presidential election.