Finding work Part 2

Finding a job in a competitive market requires you to be creative in more ways than one. Understanding that not all your marketable skills are professionally taught is one of the keys to rejoining the work force.

The first thing you need to do is to see what you are made of. Get out a piece of paper and a pen, and start to jot down all your skills. Example if you love to cook, jot it down. If you like to tinker with things and see what makes them tick, jot it down. Also jot down all your professional skills no matter how trivial they may seem. If part of your past job was to order office supplies, get it on the paper. The reason for this self evaluation is your next job may be working for yourself.

Once you have all of this written down, it is fresh in your head. It will keep you motivated as you sort out what the next chapter of your life will look like and give you ideas to start your own business. At the very least it can supplement whatever income you now have.

The thinking here is along the lines of poor performance. If you were a manager, you would quickly find a way to get rid of low performers and under achievers. If you have been paying attention to the network news you will discover that China has recently fallen into that low performance category with a variety of quality issues as well as health issues.

So at the moment the market is ripe for bringing back jobs that went to China over the years. Not to mention the government will be more than happy to help you explore bringing some jobs back, even if it means only one at first being yours. Much of the stuff made in China is for the most part low tech and easy to manufacture. Your marketing hot point being quality as that is now China’s weak point. Hold this thought as we move on.

So lets assume you like to cook, but you have never thought of making money off it. You may want to consider baking and see if you can vend your talents to a school or business in the area. Seeing that everyone needs to eat, you may find it easier than you think to get repeat customers. The real key here is finding something in the necessity column that you can market. Food is a necessity no matter how you look at it.

If you like to tinker, you should be thinking if there is something you can do with that talent that you can market. Perhaps a small discount repair shop may be in the wings for you. It would not take to much to get your hands on how to books on the Internet. Nearly everything that has a service manual can be found on line. In tough times people tend to fix things and not replace them and that could be the niche you need.

The thinking here in part 2 is to make you think about other options beyond the wanted ads in the paper. It is important to market your full potential and not just some of it. So give some thought to that and see if you can start your own small business by bringing work back from China or other places. You may be delightfully surprised at how much help you can get. The situation with China is for the most part new. It was not this way the last time the economy took a dive and it is important to keep that in mind to help motivate you.

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