Pushing for open civil war

Thailand is very close to open civil war. Tracking back to the flame that is lighting the fuse, the name Thaksin Shinawatra once again comes up for more than one reason.

Early Thursday morning there was a seemingly not politically related bomb attack on a crowd of protestors who were protesting against the port authority. This type of protest is not unusual in Bangkok, and for the most part seemingly there are about a dozen a year. Even poor farmers come down from upcountry to launch their own protests.

Quoting the Nation:

Some 1,000 vendors have been staging a protest at the intersection since Tuesday afternoon against the Port Authority of Thailand and Legal Professional Co. The Legal Professional has won the concession from the PAT to manage the market and ordered existing vendors to leave so that it could redevelop the Klong Toey market complex.

Geographically the location of the attack was half way across Bangkok and not too far from where tourists may find themselves. Generally speaking just one subway stop away from tourist areas and about 1000 feet away from where President George Bush spoke in Early August.

Considering the nature of the protest and the size of the bomb, this attack had to be other than face value. The size of bombs has been steadily growing over the past few months. Each and every bomb can be tracked back to the pro Thaksin groups, and Connecting the Dots feels this bomb too has similar origins. the local news has been suggesting increased attacks around Bangkok after the royal funeral that is set for November 14,15 and 16. The Klong Toey group was just convenient to attack and spread the unsaid message.

So here are the dots as Connecting the Dots sees it.

Thaksin loyalists seem to blindly follow Thaksin and lobbing bombs around is well within their ability. Virtually every bomb starting with the 2006-2007 New Years eve bombs has had a political signature. It is just one of those things everyone can see but is hard to prove. Getting the pro Thaksin police to find the bombers is as about as successful as getting a teenage boy to clean his room.

Thaksin’s ego will drive him to no end, and that ego also says if I am going down, I am going to take as many as possible with me. Taking out an entire country for self serving reasons is well within his ego. Driving Thailand to open civil war matches that to the letter. Civil war would simply devastate Thailand and drive away not only all the tourists, but foreign companies, and droves of ex-pats that now call Thailand home. So essentially this becomes a form of blackmail, and is also the thinking pattern of a psychopath.

Civil war would also allow Thaksin to be seen as the great savior in light of him being the great instigator. Considering Thaksin’s heavy hand approach and signature of violence, the very probable egotistic thinking in his mind is along the lines of, ‘I can bring it on and I can stop it. Drop the charges, convictions and investigations. Return me to power and I will make it go away and punish those who opposed me.’ Just about sums it up.

Connecting the Dots also thinks sending bounty hunters after Thaksin is now over due. There certainly is enough money available in the Anti Thaksin group to hire bounty hunters. Realistically bringing Thaksin in that way would solve a lot of problems for all of Thailand. Taking Thaksin out of the picture simply deals with the cause and not the effect. The phrase bounty hunter was floated here first and then shortly after in the media. That simply says the option is viable and should be given serious consideration. With Thaksin on the run and not having a home provides a unique opportunity for some patriots to be seen as heros.

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