Finding work Part 3

Looking for a job now requires you to do some research to decide if you want to go it alone or work for someone else. You must now check to see if the market matches your talents.

You don’t want to be spending your energy on a dead end, so it is best to research the market to see if there is a genuine need for what you have to offer. Depending on where you live there could be different markets. Just stop and think about how many major companies started as a hobby. That is how KFC got started with the Colonel cooking up a storm right at home, so anything is possible if you can find a niche. Once again you need to find a necessity to market and not a luxury. Few want to buy jewelry when they are not sure if the rent will be paid.

So where to look to get started is the first question. The answer depends if you want to start big or small. If you want to start small then you need to shop around a bit. Ask your friends some very pointed questions about things they need but can’t seen to find. The more people you ask the more confident you will be about going forward. Also look to see if there are any needs the community could use. There are always several things just below the surface that would be nice. By admittedly that is a difficult one to sort out. One thought comes to mind is a PC doctor who does house calls. When your computer is sick and you can’t sort it out, having someone come to your house is a wonderful thought.

If you want to go after a bigger market then your first stop should be the local government. They can help get you moving in the right direction as to who to see and where to look. Every community is different so there is no general answer here.

The questions you need to ask are;

  • What jobs in the community were lost over the past 20 years and why?
  • What would it take to bring them back?
  • What type of support can be offered to restart jobs and feed the economy?
  • Is there any federal grant money available for restarting jobs lost?

Other questions along those lines should give you a good feel for what is out there. Once you have all the answers you need, then you need to go home and brainstorm to set up a plan of action as to how to launch your new advernture. It is very important that you avoid impulse decisions and you should use a few good friends as sounding boards. If you are going to put money in to launch this, you want to get the most out of it. Your local government may even have a small business advisor if you have not encountered them already. No doubt you will have new more specific questions now, so don’t be shy about going back to get more answers. Knowledge is power in the game of business.

So now that you have most of the pieces of the puzzle, it is time to start to put some together, and that will be in part 4 in a few days time to give you time to do your homework for part 3.

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