Divide and conquer

With the announcement that convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra has founded a development foundation, it became crystal clear what Thaksin’s plans are. Very simply Thaksin looks to further and very deliberately divide Thailand, and then later come in and pickup the pieces.

In short what Thaksin is looking to do still matches what he started with the Manchester City football club. He wants to be seen as doing good things for the masses in the hopes it will out weigh his criminal conviction in the eyes of the public. As to what extent Thaksin will go to achieve this goal, the answer is simple, whatever it takes. If it means more dead Thais and burning villages, so be it.

Connecting the Dots already sees Thailand is in a civil war because military ordinance has been used on Thais by Thais. It has gone from a verbal disagreement between the anti Thaksin and pro Thaksin camps to the pro Thaksin camp firing on the anti Thaksin camp.

With the pleas of many respected Thais to Thaksin not to make speeches on the run because it damages and divides the country, Thaksin ignores them and continues. With all of this going on, it simply places the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) on the front lines fighting for the country against Thaksin.

Thaksin wants to make it appear to his lesser educated supporters that going after him is the wrong thing to do and his good deeds outweigh any criminal conviction. Then when his supporters start to rally behind that doctrine of thinking and completely forget the rule of law the divide gets deeper. This thinking tends to elevate Thaksin above the law in that good deeds can cancel any bad.

With that Thinking it goes without saying Thaksin’s next planned speech will pursue that goal to further divide not accidentally but very deliberately. The re-airing of Thaksin’s first phone in seems to have died for the reasons cited here in advance in ‘Touching Thaksin’.

This leaves the next intended broadcast in a similar problem. If it is prerecorded then the people airing it may be in trouble because the content of Thaksin’s first one being considered over the line as it made mention of the King. If the second one is of the same nature and the broadcasters had a chance to hear it, they could face the same charges. That leaves only a live broadcast from Thaksin and that is even more risky as Thaksin unplugged is a problem. However they will try and no doubt sooner or later get burned for touching Thaksin.

If Connecting the Dots can connect these dots, than so can the Thais in that Thaksin looks to deliberately divide Thailand. That makes the people who choose to broadcast Thaksin’s speeches less than innocent and part of a conspiracy to damage Thailand. Thaksin has shown his hand and now it is up to the PAD to bring it to the front page. When that happens the chances Thaksin will be allowed to hold a microphone will be much less. Up until now what Thaksin was going to say was a bit of a mystery, that mystery is no longer with the announcement of Thaksin’s development foundation. To stop and reverse the divide, Thaksin must be silenced.

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