Finding work Part 6

With the economy in such bad shape, there is plenty of untapped talent just waiting to find work. As when times are tough families come together to help each other, so too can talented people.

You may discover that your neighbor down the street is out of work, and he is a manufacturing engineer. The guy on the next street just happens to be a genius at electronics, and his neighbor a salesman out of work and down on his luck too. With this thought you start to see the makings of a brand new joint venture, and all that remains is figuring out how to put this talent to work.

Now that we know who the next President of the United States will be, you have a fairly good Idea what parts of the economy will emerge into new markets first. Connecting the Dots feels there will be a significant shift in government policy similar to when President Regan announced a defense shield with loans and grants to help develop new technology. In this case the shift will be to develop new technology to move away from oil dependency across the board with emphasis on transportation and heating.

So in part 6, allow your imagination to run and think of new startup companies that someday may rival some of the big companies of today. How to do this is both simple and difficult at the same time. First you need to make an announcement of a gathering of unemployed talent. The places to do that are the help wanted ads and local employment agencies. You can even post it here at the bottom of this post as a comment if you so desire. Once you do that you may be delightfully surprised at the results as many have the starting a business bug but don’t want to go it alone.

The next step is to conduct a meeting and simply brain storm. There is everything to gain and nothing to lose. The number of people that will attend may be sizable, so to save costs at first, you may want to consider a free outside venue like a park or other facility in your area.

Once you have established a direction then you will need to start the steps needed to see about funding this startup company. Loans and grants are options as well as your own money. There is no doubt you will be working several days without seeing any money, but that is a part of starting a business.

The advantage here is not taking something off the shelf and modifying it, you will be building a company to fit the needs of the future. Because of that your chances are better. Small companies have an advantage as they can change direction and adjust quickly. A company like General Motors can take a year or more to retool for a new car. Small companies can do this inside a week.

Once you are set up you start to develop your prototype, and from there you simply raise your sail to the wind and off you go. Admittedly this all sounds simple in concept and for the most part it is. The hard part is coming up with a product that will meet the emerging markets needs and knowing what it is in advance. That is what Bill Gates did, so why can’t you!

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