Finding work Part 7

As with everything when a vacuum is created, things move in to fill the void. When one type of job is lost, another type of job is created.

If you stop and think about it, when there are big numbers of people unemployed, there needs to be support services for them. Some of those support services are provided by the government, and others are private. The private services are often contractors the government hires to handle the overflow, or provide special services like retraining for shifts in the types of jobs.

A past example was when computers replaced paper, people needed to learn how to use the various software. When manual factory machinery was replaced with computerized machines, the machine operators needed to be retrained.

So the key and concept here is to look at where the changes will be. In the United States you can expect a shift away from oil to other sources of energy. Also depending on where you are there may be different potential jobs.

So the first general step will be to contact the government and get a rundown of what they plan to do before it is announced to the general public. This will give you time to see if any of your past training and skills can be used as an instructor. If in fact this turns up as a winning idea then you need to get the ball rolling. See if there will be funding available and other such financial questions. Chances are you will not be getting paid from your future students, but instead by the government.

The next step will be to produce a syllabus and samples of learning materials, hand outs and so on. This will all be necessary to get yourself certified. As for classroom space, in many cases schools are available for evening classes and that too will be funded by the government. If it is hands on training, then no doubt that will be more difficult but not impossible. In this case you and the government will be best friends. You will be helping them restart the economy and move into a new era.

Admittedly this sounds like a longshot and for a large number of people this is just a concept that will not work. But for the small percent that it will work for, it becomes a new start and a new path. This also will not be a forever job, so keep your options open once the economy picks up steam again. As an instructor new doors will open and you will be a prized professional.

The chances are fair to good you will discover something here, and even a downsized version available on DVD for people who just can’t commute to your class for whatever reason may be your ticket. Remote learning is a trend already underway. However in this case it requires another approach as this will be tied to certified government retraining programs. For that it is best you talk to the government for their guidance.

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