Thailand closed

It can be fairly easy to wrongly identify the good guys as the bad guys in Thailand these days. With the pro Monarchy group People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) closing two airports in Bangkok, it certainly has made Thailand’s problems an international issue.

For two nights in a row Thailand’s problems have found their way to the network news in the USA. The initial report was raw, however the second report started to show that there was significant underlying support for the PAD from the very top down in Thailand, and further identifying the People Power Party (PPP) lead government as being corrupt.

The increasingly defiant government the PPP keeps repeating that they are the democratically elected government. However at this point considering all that is going on it sounds more and more like their now famous “It’s not fair” temper tantrum cry that is heard when things don’t go their way.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that if the government caves in and dissolves Parliament they may have lost the game. Their supporter base continues to dwindle and they may not have the votes later to take on the Constitution. If that is the case then it could very well be the turning point for Thailand.

Meanwhile the convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra is clearly instructing his PPP puppet government not to retreat under any circumstances. His anger and arrogance are out of control. The damage being done to Thailand well exceeds any good that would come from any ASEAN agreements pending signatures.

The effect the closing of airports is having on Thailand is roughly the same as applying a tourniquet to the neck to stop a bloody nose. At the very least it will open more eyes and call attention to what the PPP is all about. If the PPP fails to step down, it shows to the world their arrogance and not caring about the Thai people. At this point their arrogance is working against them. Their claim they were democratically elected can be proven again by stepping down. Staying on now shows gross immaturity.

Stepping back this was just the next bit of ground lost by pro government supporters lobbing grenades into the PAD rallies. That action spawned this push by the PAD.

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