Finding work Part 12

In part 11 we talked about questions you should ask at your initial job interview. Part 12 talks about questions in the second and in depth job interview.

After surviving the human resources interview, you now get to meet your future boss. This interview will down to business and they will want to know if what your resume says matches what is between your ears. You can expect a variety of questions and you should have some too.

After you have been asked a few questions you should start with your own. A good question would be asking about some of the typical work related problems encountered. That will let your future boss see you are not just a bump on a log. You may also ask to see a project that is being worked on to help you get a feel for how things fly at this company. It will also instantly tell you if your skill level is correct for the job.

Keep your eyes open for signs of contentment, stress or trouble. Are people running around in a panic, or are things running smooth. This will give you some fuel for other questions.

Keep the questions as technical as possible as this will show your level of knowledge and perhaps eliminate a few questions they may have planned to ask you. Asking about procedures is also a good safe question that shows you are up for the job as you want to know how the mighty machine works.

Because the type of jobs can vary, we can’t give any specifics. Jobs at a restaurant will not have the same questions as jobs in a factory or an office, so just take in general what to ask about at the second interview. Always keep in mind it adds to your appearance. How you dress is only part of the game. It will also show where you fit in the pecking order. You must appear competent and not lazy to be considered in tight job markets. Remember they can afford to be picky.

The third interview is all about money, benefits, hours worked, company rules and policies. This is more of a conversation and negotiation and not so much an interview. They want you and they want to know how much it will cost to have you. This is where your company research will come in handy as you will know many of the answers in advance. You demeanor should be polite but assertive and not look to just take what they offer. The one final part of the interview for higher paying jobs may be a physical and drug screening. So be ready for that.

Next in part 13 we will talk about trick questions and traps. So check back or hit the subscribe button.

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