Thaksin’s dirty work at work

Once again the convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra is messing with Thailand. This post will look at the mechanics, the rumors and the potential fallout.

There is absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind Thaksin once again is working behind the scenes to serve himself at the expense of all Thais. Much of what will be said in this post is based on past habits, and speculations. Short translation, just a heads up and don’t be surprised if much of this turns out to be true. This entry is being written Friday morning December 5, so what is said is based on that time.

Starting off with Thaksin’s suddenly secretive movements. Shortly after Connecting the Dots floated the idea that Thaksin is vulnerable when he is in transit between countries (no mans land), and the concept of bounty hunters being able to shoot first and ask questions later, Thaksin decided to not let his movements be known in advance. The fact that the same concept of bounty hunters was discussed shortly after in the mainstream media strongly suggests the hunt is on. Very possibly there is more than one party looking to pay for the delivery of Thaksin to the Bangkok Hilton. It would not be a bit surprising that a bounty with 6 digits measured in US dollars is being offered. So if you are a bounty hunter in need of cash, Connecting the Dots suggests you may want to contact one of the groups frequently mentioned here. Connecting the Dots can see no other viable reason for Thaksin’s sudden secrecy.

At the moment Thaksin is rumored to be in Cambodia and there can only be one reason for such close proximity to Thailand. Thaksin has his wallet open looking to solidify his chances with what is left of the government and members of Parliament.

The parties that appear to be on the fence and leaning towards the democrats are simply telling Thaksin he needs to dig a bit deeper into his wallet. The unity of a coalition party is showing to be anything but. Each member of Parliament has their own opinions about things, and based on what has been going on over the last several months, some no doubt have had sleepless nights. The thought of that dance with the devil is no doubt taking it’s toll.

There is only one reason that Parliament is not being dissolved. That one reason is getting back at the Constitution as soon as possible. A new election will most certainly have less support for Thaksin based on the damage he is causing. Thaksin must hold on to what he can no matter how damaged and beat up it is. After they have served their purpose, Thaksin will discard them as easily as a used condom. He will need a more popular group of cronies to strengthen his overall appearance. This incumbent bunch is already spent for the most part so in Thaksin’s mind their days are already numbered, it is just they don’t know it yet.

There certainly is a lot of anger against Thaksin to go around. By the time a person reaches the half century mark, they have mellowed a lot from their teenage years. Typically their views are more passive than active. But to hear a dear sweet loving 58 year old educated Thai woman saying Thaksin should be killed for what he is doing to her King and country, one has to sit up and take note how deep this goes.

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