Connecting the Dots was going to sit out the latest episode on Thailand politics. However after being bombarded with no less than 50 e-mails inside of 4 hours asking what our prediction was about this latest twist, the planned laid back Sunday got put on hold.

So here we go because the table got a serious bump and all the playing pieces on the board moved. This is not going to be a spectacular post, but only to put some dots together.

Apparently the People’s Alliance for Democracy has gotten through to all but the most brain dead incumbent politicians. There must have been several sleepless nights as the incumbents started thinking long term about their future and dancing with the devil. The complete loss of face as well as appearing like a circus side show attraction to the rest of the world can eat away at you particularly if you are at least attempting to be dignified.

The appearance of Pojaman is no coincident, this is a very hands on Thaksin ploy to be in the midst of the birth of the Phue Thai. It also settles once and for all that the divorce from Thaksin was simply tactical and they are still a couple.

As for our prediction as to what will happen, we see this;

With each passing hour the chances of Thaksin calling his newest puppet to dissolve Parliament go up. In his mind if he sees that there is little hope of bringing back the people that moved to support the Democrats, he will tell his latest puppet to pull the drain plug. This way it gives him time to work deals as the next elections approach. Keep in mind Thaksin has nothing to lose by doing this. The decision will be completely self-serving and tactical. He will care little or nothing about Thailand as the country continues to suffer. Meaning, don’t get too excited just yet.

It is that simple at this point. There are too many things up in the air to be more specific at this point.

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  1. Can’t help wondering what ‘friends of Nevin’ have up in theri sleeves!