Finding work Part 14

So now that you have a fair shot at surviving the interview, the selection of clothes is next. Dressing wrong can be a job killer and also an embarrassment. Knowing what to pick from the closet is in part 14.

Some people simply don’t know how to dress for a job interview. They think if they just put on a tie and jacket it will be fine. Doing that for every job interview may leave you being the topic of dinner table discussions later that night when your interviewer gets home.

Certain foods go well together, and some do not. For example onions don’t go well with ice cream unless you have a calling from your unborn child. So matching the clothes to a job interview is important.

If you are applying for a construction job on site, then you need to dress accordingly. A new clean pair of jeans and a polo shirt should do the job for that interview. If you are applying for a job that is in anyway dirty or messy, think twice about what you wear.

For a blue collar job, a jacket and tie are wrong. Casual but neat is best for that. Applying for a job in an office or as a salesman then the tie and jacket work.

If you wear a tie, selecting what knot to use is also important. Unless you are applying for the CEO post, don’t use a Windsor knot. Windsor Knots simply express leadership and a set of big brass balls clanking between your legs. Select a modest but humble knot for your tie and you will be better received. Ties are actually on the way out so keep that in mind. Score one for the tie haters!

Although many guys don’t care, color is also important. A neutral color and not black is better. Believe it or not it changes the mood of the interview. Black is for mourning and it sets a somber mood. Earth colors are well accepted so keep that in mind. Solid color button down shirts are better than striped or print. For single men, that flat thing that you plug in and it gets hot and hisses while spewing steam should be used on your shirt before you go out.

Women however can get away with a variety of clothes. You can go dressed like Hillary Clinton, or Martha Stewart. Something from an upscale store like Target is a good choice. Only select the top end clothes for top end jobs. The parallel is quite amazing. If you are going to work in a department store, dress as the employees do or one notch above. Over kill will just send the wrong tone. Solid tones or prints are fine, as long as the prints are not too loud. Bright colors should be left for the circus.

Shoes should match the job. Sneakers are out in all cases. If you are nearing the time you are planning for your next haircut, do it early. A good rule here is 3 for 4. If you normally go for a haircut every 4 weeks, do it in 3 as it does make a difference. Never wait when appearance counts for so much.

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