Dirty laundry in the front yard

The term Amazing Thailand can only describe what is being plastered in the local media in Bangkok. Something that is totally illegal is being publicized and is going on right in front of the eyes of the law enforcement officials.

The Thaksin followers are not the brightest bulbs in the tree if you can believe what is being offered. Members of parliament are being offered huge bribes to effect the outcome of Monday’s special session to elect a new Prime Minister. Although bribes are common place in Thailand, they are still illegal, and that little fact seems to have slipped their mind. Never mind trying to hide this bribing, it is a pure case of dumb and dumber on the part of the members of parliament that would accept the bribes. Perhaps they are trying another method to put the corruption seeking commission out of business by making it too easy.

Quoting the nation:

MPs to be paid Bt50m if they’re sick on Monday’s PM vote : Suthep

The Democrats are concerned about a last-ditch attempt to spend Bt50 million in order to derail Monday ‘s vote for their party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva as prime minister, party spokesman Buranat Samuttharak said Sunday.

“Party secretary general Suthep Thuagsuban has confirmed about the payments to MPs if they agree to take a sick leave during the vote for prime minister,” Buranat said.

He said the Democrats wanted to remind relevant authorities to ensure a peaceful House session and that they would not be present at the session if violence erupts.

About 1,200 policemen will be deployed to keep peace at the House, Metropolitan Police commissioner Lt General Suchart Muenkaew said.

The anti-riot forces will begin to beef up security from yesterday’s afternoon to the today’s conclusion of the House voting session, Suchart said.

He said police did not anticipate the eruption of violence. A number of crowds might show up to rally in support of respective candidates for the position of prime minister but they do not expect to cause any trouble, he said.

The House is scheduled to convene at 9.30 am to cast votes on who should be the next prime minister. Each MP is expected to vote in a roll call which will take about an hour to complete.

The Pheu Thai Party resolved in an unanimous decision to support the forming of a national government under the premiership of Puea Pandin Party leader Pracha Promnok.

The proposal to nominate Pracha as prime minister has been advanced by Pracharaj Party leader Snoh Thienthong.

Deputy House Speaker Apiwan Wiriyachai has been tasked to monitor the situation with the aim to foil any attempts designed to prevent Pheu Thai MPs from voting for Pracha.

Pheu Thai MPs have claimed they are targetted for abduction so as to undermine their party’s votes.

Apiwan said he has received a large number of complaints from MPs that strong men who look like soldiers are stalking them.

He said he was concerned about reports on the political involvement of certain military leaders who might try to hijack democracy by preventing a clean vote for prime minister.

Public Health Minister Chalerm Yoobamrung said he is fully confident that the Pheu Thai Party will garner the majority to outpace the Democrats in the coalition formation.

Chalerm predicted that the Democrats will lose by a small margin of eight to ten votes.

He said even with the support of the Friends of Newin faction, the Democrat-led coalition is nothing but a pipe dream.

Faction leader Newin Chidchob should wake up to the reality of his uphill battle, he said. Instead of trying to fix the coalition alliance, Newin should try to repay his Bt30 million political loan, he said.

He claimed Newin has borrowed his money since 1996 when they met at the home of media tycoon Sondhi Limthongkul.

All MPs from the faction have successfully travelled from their respective constituencies to Bangkok, MP Boonchong Wongtrairat said.

The faction’s MPs are ready to cast their votes in support of the Democrat-led coalition, he said. Their early arrival at the capital was deemed necessary in order to avoid the blockade being imposed by the red shirt crowds, he added.

One Response to Dirty laundry in the front yard

  1. In no way am I stating that this could be construed as ethical, however, in Thai politics, I believe this is a legal tactic.
    Vote buying is illegal.
    What we are witnessing here is essentially MP buying, which is perfectly legal within the Thai system and not allowed to be investigated by the EC.