Thaksin supporters look to stop Thailand’s economic recovery

The title says it all. If someone other than Thaksin is seen making progress in Thailand’s economic recovery, Thaksin’s self proclamation as the only man that can will have the appearance of having been written on wet toilet paper.

To take action to stop the Prime Minister from making his policy speech, is like mucking up the key hole for the ignition. If the engine will not start, it is back to the shop for a rebuild. By not letting the engine start, there can be no economic recovery. It really does not matter what action the Thaksin supporters take, whether it be block parliament, or make a general nuisance of themselves as they plan to do, it is all working against Thailand’s recovery.

There is a significant difference between this red shirt activity and the yellow shirt activity. The yellow shirts were patriots working to protect the country. When they blocked Parliament in October, it was to prevent tampering with the Constitution that ultimately would have hurt the people of Thailand.

Considering that many of the red shirt protesters were bused in from the north, and seeing that it is no secret that they are also being paid to come, one has to consider who’s pocket the pay is coming from.

There is a furry of rumors about how much money the fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra has left. Some have placed him as down to $500,000,000.00 US dollars being 1/10 of his peek worth. Connecting the Dots chooses not to listen to the rumors as they were probably started by Thaksin himself. What Connecting the Dots see is if Thaksin is still funding his attacks, then he still has money.

Also the fact that the red shirts are being funded by Thaksin, that would explain what would appear to be the large accumulation of stupid people wearing red shirts. After all, people can be paid to be stupid. Just look at the tobacco companies spokesman if you need examples from history of people being paid to be stupid. To stop any economic recovery can only be classified as stupid or other antonym of smart.

So now this leaves the new government in a dilemma, and with the constant ‘Good guys finish last’, something may have to happen that is not in the white book. The red shirt people have repeatedly demonstrated that they can and will use violence. And because of that they can’t be trusted. Any taunts and dares coming from the red shirts for the Prime Minister to come and chat, most certainly could be setting him up for an assassination attempt. So a chapter should be taken from the book of JFK. Keep in mind violence benefits Thaksin when it comes to this.

This post was written before noon Bangkok time on December 29, 2008. Events after noon are not considered.

One Response to Thaksin supporters look to stop Thailand’s economic recovery

  1. Thuggie’s supporters couldn’t care less about the country’s economic recovery. They’re doing this to recover THEIR OWN financial situation – they’re even racing among themselves to win in their ‘who-can-drain-more-from-thuggie’ game.

    Besides, the sooner this new government shifts from ‘first gear’ to the next, these reddies could be half way in jail house rock!

    Thug & co just won’t let go. They’re falling fast in a way, and they want to drag the country down with them!

    This test for Abhisit makes Eton and Oxford exams look easy!