Linking religion to war

The newest war on the planet is driven by old fuel. Some see it as a war between Jews and Muslims, other see it for what it is.

If Connecting the Dots ever needed to point out a few dots, this would be the one. We could have talked about this earlier, and we have hinted at it in a few posts. However the time has come to lay it out as it is. No doubt this will ruffle a few feathers for people that are standing too close.

When two or more countries go to war, that is exactly what it is, two countries and not two religions. The conflict with Gaza and Israel in truth has nothing to do with religion. However the Hamas government is hell bent on linking it to religion.

Consider this fact, there have been hundreds of rockets launched from Gaza by people into Israel. These people are not officials from a religion. They do not wrap themself in religious garments when they launch the rockets. The fact is they are just people who just happen to belong to a certain religion.

It is unfortunate that many of the people who are in these conflicts are of the Muslim faith, and their continuous cry tying their actions to religion has had a negative fallout right down to the subconscious. That message now deeply rooted in peoples subconscious is this as a war against Muslims. This has also set a certain feeling of being uncomfortable around Muslims as most if not all terrorist attacks are also somehow linked to Muslims.

The fact is the only place and group of people that could be seen as genuinely religious, and a conflict with them would be a genuine war against a religion would be a war with the Vatican and the Pope. With that said, chances are you would not see a Jewish Rabbi driving a tank into Gaza.

What we have here is some people who possibly went into an opium den a few too many times and fried a few too many brain cells, then deciding to go on a rampage. Unfortunately there are some Muslim Clerics that look to tie any conflict to religion that prompts these people on. The fact is these people only think they are fighting for a religion. But unless there is a parcel of land like the Vatican that they are defending, it is all in their head. To defend a religion is to defend a belief and nothing more. That belief is in the mind. It is no different and carries no more weight than believing in Santa or not.

So what we have is Israel defending it’s people from rocket attacks from some people with malfunctioning grey matter. If the Hamas government can’t or wont do it themselves, then the Israeli army can do the job for them. After all disrespect comes with a price, and it does not matter who, what, or where that is.

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  1. Paul C. Parvis says:

    In the 60th and 70th Israel exported Weapons – in particular “Uzi’s” to South American “Revolutionaries and Drug Kings”. In the name of religion? – No in the name of GREED.
    Now Israel – the bully in the Middle East – is creating more hatred, extremism and inspiring yet more terrorist by their actions – AGAINST ALL OF US IN THE WESTERN WORLD (supported by the present US Goverment).

  2. Paul C. Parvis says:

    Irony of History.

    In about 1936 – 2 ships were leaving the German North Sea port of Bremerhaven loaded “to the hilt” with 2000 or 3000 Jews.

    The ships destination was Madagascar – a sparsely populated – but large Island in the Indian Ocean – just off Africa.

    The British Navy blockaded their passage in the Channel. So the 2 ships had no choice – but to return where they came from – a Nazi Germany Sea port.

    Hitler’s “vision of the first solution” had been to resettle German Jews to Madagascar – to create a “Jewish enclave”.

    The returning ships Jews were herded into “cattle trains” – locked with padlocks. The trains destination – off to “Hitler’s final solution”. Hitler stated “history will thank him for his solution to rid the world of a vermin”.

    The state of Israel was created in the late 40th for “Gods chosen people” in their “promised land”. The problem was – their “promised land” was already occupied by – mostly Arabs. Millions of Arabs were “displaced” in the process and in later years – but the Jews had been given this very land “by God himself” – what “better justification” to “defend their Land”?

    2009 – Israel have been “defending their Land” ever since Israel was created. The timing of this last maneuver – coldblooded calculation – just before a new President takes Office in the USA. Impossible for the incoming President to take a different stand against the outgoing – but current and only reigning President – and by his “silence” implicated as “agreeing”.

    What if Madagascar had been allowed to be created as a “Jewish Enclave” in 1936? The world may have become a “more peaceful, productive Place”. No enraged Arabs to worry about. Perhaps God meant “Madagascar was the promised Land for the Jews”.
    The “Irony of History” – “Hitler the Visionary??????????????????????????????????????”

  3. John Williams says:

    I think what Richard is trying to say here is each conflict is unique as for what started it. The fact it is the same old players is a bit irrelevant. In this case 2000 rockets landing in Israel was what started this particular conflict, and not what happened in the past.

  4. Paul C. Parvis says:

    It is not the 2000 rockets landing in Israel that started this conflict – but that injustice was done and never addressed in a civilzed manner by Israel.

    When a child “runs a tantrum” – this is the only way the child knows how to “get attention”.

    When Hamas fire 2000 rockets – this is the only way they feel they will get attention – TO A LEGITIMATE PROBLEM.

  5. Jack Dawson says:

    “Defending it’;s people from rocket attacks”…you’ve got to be kidding…this must be a joke, “coz it certainly can’t be based on any shred of reality……unless of course, all of the women and children of Palestine are firing rockets into Israel. Perhaps the Israeli army should just slaughter everyone in Palestine, maybe then they’ll feel “safe” …cowards!

    When one considers the fact that 5 Israelis in the past 5 years have been killed by Hamas rockets, it seems that an Israeli citizen has a better chance of getting hit by lightning than by a Hamas rocket.

    Of course the criminal regime of Israel has shown the world time and time again that they don’t need much of an excuse to murder and oppress Palestinians…this is simply another in a long list of attempts to ethnically cleanse and subvert the Palestinians to the most miserable forms of oppression seen in modern history.

    Or is the collective Zionist ego still smarting from their dismal failure in Lebanon of 2006? So much that that the world’s 4th most powerful army has to use Gaza as a testing ground for their illegal weapons, against a predominantly unarmed enemy.

    Funny……while watching the CNN coverage of Apache helicopters, F-16’s raining down depleted uranium shells and white phosphorous onto a predominantly civilian population, I don’t recall seeing one Hamas jet, tank, helicopter….not one! Did you?

    Perhaps Richard should refrain from the baseless rantings of “too many fried braincells” and consider the facts of the matter that have not changed one iota in the past 60 years.
    Maybe the Zionist cheerleaders would be completely satisfied ii Israel was the only state in the Middle east that had any weapons at all, and that Israel was the only state that had the right to wage war on a state that doesn’t even have any army?

    The fact is, Israel is, has been and most likely always will be, illegally occupying Palestinian land. In addition, these Zionist criminals continue to build illegal settlements on Palestinian land, build an Apartheid wall on Palestinian land, separating Palestinian families and continue to build hundreds of checkpoints also on Palestinian land, to completely restrict the movement of all Palestinians.

    Oh yeah, there’s also the small matter of the blockade and seige of all entry points into Gaza restricting food, medicine fuel, water, electricity and pretty much everything required for basic human subsistence.

    And you talk about rocket attacks……get real Hamas has been democratically elected by the people of Gaza….or does that not count, because the U.S. and Israeli criminals didn’t like the results of their elections? Why is that not surprising? Hypocritical psychopaths!

    Hamas has been firing into Israel as a RESPONSE to the seige and blockade….am I the only person that had continuously heard that when Israel lifts the blockade, the rocket fire would cease….why is that so difficult to understand?

    This conflict has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with a legitimate resistance to an illegal and criminal Zionist occupation, fully backed and funded by the American tax-payer….

    Heaven forbid the U.S. and Israeli armies ever attacked a country that could actually defend itself. Ever wonder why the Zionists have not attacked Iran, or why the U.S. has not attacked North Korea?


  6. Jim Gossard says:

    Seventeen Israelis have been killed by Palestinian rockets since 1948 coupled with the simple fact that the vast majority of Israeli Jews are Atheists pretty much kills the original point regarding religion and the war in the middle east.. The Palestinians are however, religious. Whether or not I prefer their religion to others is irrelevant to this discussion.

    I have not always felt compelled to understand the injustice in this particular struggle. I was just too lazy to do the research. I have since, through serious research into the matter, come to realize that what the main stream press tries to sell us is not reality.