Attack of the red ants


The supporters of the fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra continue to work against the best interests of Thailand. As expected, they have no problem at all in getting physical.

As ants act on impulse and not logic, so do the red shirt wearing supporters of Thaksin. The consideration that the queen ants are more educated than the worker ants, there is significant reason to believe that Thaksin is funding key people to continue striving for unrest. If that is the case, then no amount of logic will make them stop. As per always all the same bad boy names are associated with this. Many if not all of them are facing charges on other things covering the full spectrum of laws.

Throwing verbal abuses is not against the law, however throwing projectiles is. This sends a signal to the watching world, that at least the people wearing red are a bit backwards. In general to the world, the Democrats are more easily accepted than the Thaksin supporting government. The fact Thaksin is on the run further tarnishes his supporters in the worlds eyes.

The approach of the new government to ‘Set a Good example‘ and to also set a benchmark is bold and Nobel to say the least. Unfortunately because of the coalition being tainted, it is about as challenging as passing off sewer water for spring water.

On the brighter side, the semi deposed government that was once the Thai Rak Thai, then the People Power Party, and now the Puea Thai Party are now for very possibly the first time having a close look at the law. Their reputation was to mostly ignore the law and buy off the courts. Seeing as that does not look like an option at the moment, they are now trying to use the law to their own advantage. However because essentially they are novices at obeying and following the law, their attempts thus far have only generated a few smiles and little or no worries.

All their attacks have been personal as they truly do not have a counter plan to propose in debate. They are trying to discredit everyone who does not side with them. Eventually they will come up with some absurd plan to keep from losing votes in Isaan. The lesser educated supporters will love the idea, however it would be to costly or impossible to implement. Then they will turn around and blame the Democrats for killing it. From there you know how they will spin that come next elections. The only counter for that is the Democrats must be showing some serious support for Isaan before that ploy comes about.

The attack on the new government saying the ideas they had were taken from past governments does make you want to roll your eyes. There is no rule or law that says good ideas from the past must be never used. And there is no patent on the plans. Taking them an tweaking them is perfectly acceptable. The claim that the budget for the project is much less than the previous governments budget is another eye roller. The first thought that comes to mind is the previous Thaksin governments were notorious for padding the bill and pocketing the difference. At least the thought comes to mind that the Democrats are much closer to the actual cost and not the graft padded cost.

2 Responses to Attack of the red ants

  1. Paul C. Parvis says:

    At one time I felt Thaksin could have been very good for Thailand. A good leader – charismatic – a workaholic. For rapid progress a developing country needs a “dictatorial” – but benevolent leader. Thaksin became “smug and arrogant” – in love with himself and his power.
    I hope this present PM will succeed. He is a likeable intellectual – which just may become his downfall.

    We live in interesting times.

  2. If the present government does not dare use the rule of law to solve the red-shirt problem, then they’re not different from Thuggie and his cronies in terms of dragging the nation down!

    First place to start: the police dept!!

    The longer they let this go on, the harder it will be to restore peace.

    Every citizen has the right to live (a normal life) without constant fear!