Political correctness and sex

It seems that in the name of political correctness, your sexual activities need to pass the test. This is not about erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, it is about political correctness finding it’s way behind closed doors to your most private and intimate moments with another. This is all put on display for others to judge.

How would you feel if your personal intimate choices were made public for all to scrutinize? If you decided to go out and buy some sexual aids otherwise known as ‘Things that go buzz in the night’, what in heavens would the neighbors say. Lets say you were part of a swingers group who regularly practice wife swapping, or perhaps another alternate lifestyle. What would you do if you were asked to publicly disclose or verify this private and personal information? Right now and properly so the first thought that is going on in your mind is, ‘It is non of their business what I do in private’, and you would be absolutely right in justifying that.

So lets assume you just deny the claim as a way of saying ‘non of your business’ as many people would very obviously do. You would certainly hope that would be the end of it as would anyone. After all what goes on behind closed doors is only the business of people behind those closed doors, right? Well not if political correctness has anything to say about it.

The forces of political correctness will look to expose your personal and private life and attack you. Now before you get all bent out of shape saying that does not happen, let me connect the dots for you.

Political correctness was only meant for politicians hence the term political. However for whatever sheep mentality reason, everyone in the west started copying these self imposed standards only meant to get votes on election day by trying to pretend to be different.

So far the entire spectrum of this make believe self portrayal known as being politically correct has found it’s way down to the general population.

So now lets look at some non of your business denials otherwise named as sex scandals.
We can never forget the Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky very public story of a very private encounter. What about Jim Bakker of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. Most recently there is the John Edwards issue. The list goes on and on and in each case each was made public by political correctness. Also each case was a private family matter that was truly nobody’s business. The entire exercise was to make them conform to the standards of political correctness by making an example of people who don’t conform.

So intrusions into you bedroom in that only properly approved politically correct sexual activity is accepted. This is becoming the new norm of If you don’t comply we will expose you.’ Needless to say this is another clear indication that excessive political correctness is a psychiatric disorder. It is also very possibly the point at witch people say enough is enough. But to challenge it will only raise the question of your sexual activity.

So good advice is if you are questioned pour it on that you are a super sexual deviant, have sex with someone new everyday and ask them if they want to go to bed with you. Pour it on with stuff that is just too crazy to believe. More than likely they will not know what to do and then go away and not bother you again. If they come back give them more of the same. They will be totally confused as to what to do and what to believe. Chase them around and hit up on them in far less than a subtle and politically correct way. Grab their ass if it helps your point. I am very certain they wont be back and hopefully they will have learned a lesson being ‘Non of your business!

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