Same sex couples adopting children Part 2

In part one we discussed the religious implications or more correctly prejudges in allowing same sex couples to adopt children. Part 2 looks at the family structure in various stages and how it may apply.

Prejudges is a very strong word. It implies ignorance, and that is exactly why it is the absolute correct word for this topic. Judgement of a person for what they may do or what others similar to them may do or have done is straight out of the dark ages. Each person should be judged on their own merit, and not the merits of others. By simply placing a law that does not look at each person based on their own merits is as about as un-American as you can get.

Looking at the family structure there is no doubt that a male and female parent structure is the best. It is required to procreate in nearly every species. It also allows the child to bond with both genders. A girl may more easily bond with her mother than her father, but that is not always the case. Girls can just as easily bond with their father. The difficulties come in activities where a girl can go shopping with her mother. For men, simply put shopping is like death. That is why there are several benches scattered around malls where men can sit and look at their feet while the female they are with shop. Typically females take anywhere from 10 to 100 times longer in the store than men, and this is where the death part comes in. Men know what they want in the store, and it is a quick efficient process to go in and buy it, then come straight back out.

On the alternate side, taking a girl to a guy type thing, the girl will be looking for any excuse possible to break away and go off shopping. So you see the benefits of having parents of both sexes.

The next step down from that is same sex parents. The gender issue may be a bit of a concern with two male partners who have adopted a girl. However two gay male partners may not be as opposed to shopping as a heterosexual male, so it is not as big an issue as one would think.

With two female partners adopting a boy there is also not as big a concern. In every same sex relationship, one or the other will at some level assume the roll of the opposite gender. Several of the traits that cause attraction to the same sex, also mimic behavior of the opposite sex. Where as some lesbian women take on a more masculine look and personality, some gay men take on a more feminine look and personality.

The love and caring same sex couples offer is just as genuine as opposite sex couples. To make the assumption that same sex couples can not offer love is going back to the dark ages where many religions seem to be stuck.

With same sex couples splitting the time with the child, it is also more beneficial than a single parent, and that will be covered in part 3.

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